Makeup For Red Dress – Ideas & Tips For Stunning Looks


Makeup for Red Dress

Red is a powerful color that is considered bold, vibrant, and more noticeable. What do you do for your makeup when you have lots of upcoming occasions on the calendar? We can’t ignore the fact that many women plan for their looks for months to come.

What do you do when you want to pair up your makeup with your red dress? When you have one or another variation of a red dress in your closet, and you are going to wear it to attend any occasion, don’t be stressed about the right makeup match.

If you are wondering about what makeup to do with a red dress or whether you can wear red lipstick or not, then you have come to the right place. Just go through this go-to guide for makeup looks to complement your bold outfit.

Here, we have rounded up some of the best makeup looks for a red dress. This will encourage you to unzip your clothing bag and treat your dress almost differently.

Nothing would look better than high heels, a red dress, and the perfect makeup – good to go with them. It will truly be awesome to find the right makeup for a red dress. Read on these red dress makeup ideas to rock the party!

Best Makeup Looks For Red Dress

  • Tiny Glint Of Sparkle
  • Metallic and Dewy Eyes
  • Clean And Bitten Lips
  • The Feline Flick
  • Bronze Eyes
  • Wear Red On Red
  • Smokey Eyes
  • Bold Lips With Red Dress
  • Some Tips For Perfect Makeup For Red Dress

Tiny Glint Of Sparkle

If you want to keep things more glamorous without overdressing, the best way is to get a tiny glint of shimmer. When you combine your glittery eyes with blushing rosy cheeks and glossy lips, this helps in keeping your makeup natural yet dimensional.

You can also go with a champagne tone on your lids. Also, never let you limit yourself to anything. You are completely free to do experiments with any soft-hued sparkle. This would be great when you want to play up your eyes.

Sparkle Eye makeup for red dress

Metallic and Dewy Eyes

When it comes to eye makeup for red dress, there are several things that, when combined, work great. If you try metallic eyes with dewy skin, it is something that goes well in balancing this eyeshadow makeup for red dress. When you use metallic eyeshadow, it adds gloss along with hydrated skin with a healthy and fresh feel from brow bone to lip gloss.

For this, you have to use waterproof eyeliner for a longer stay and smudge it evenly all-around your eyes while keeping a metallic shadow on the top. Next, use a liquid highlighter under your eyebrows as well as on the apples of the cheeks. This will give a healthy glow.

Metallic and dewy eye Makeup for Red Dress

At the same time, don’t forget to use a good moisturizer every day as a primer under your makeup.

Clean And Bitten Lips

This makeup look is something that allows you to show how different variants of red lip colors work when you pair them with a red dress. You will see different looks depending on your skin tone. The combination of berry-red with a berry blush along with thick eyelashes is one of the best red dress makeup ideas that you must try.

Even if you like minimal makeup, you will love to have this look with your red outfit. To make things easier, you can use a combination of cream lip and cheek for a go-to look.

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The Feline Flick

Have you ever tried a tiny flick of eyeliner? If you have soft and natural skin, this look will look wonderful with a red dress. If you are wondering how to get your skin cheerful, you must try this look for all-day-long makeup as simple as possible.

To get this look, you have to take a liquid liner and use its tip to simply extend it outwards the outer of the lash line. Make sure to extend it slightly. You must know that this look is a little different than traditional winged eyeliner. Getting this look does not require the perfect shape.

Then, use some tinted moisturizer, liquid highlighter, and a regular lipstick of your choice. You also don’t need to work more on lashes. Just keep them minimal. End this look with a single coat of mascara.

Bronze Eyes

Many women are big fans of bronze eyes. Even you have tried this look once. But, do you know that bronze eyes look beautiful with a red dress? If you want to get the perfect look, you need to start with priming your eyes. This step makes sure that your eyeshadow makeup for red dress lasts for long.

Bronze Eye make up for red dress

Then, take a shimmery bronze shadow and brush it lightly all over your eyelids. With the help of a fluffy eye shadow brush, blend it evenly towards the crease to get a smooth look. Don’t miss dragging the same shadow along your lower lash line. It will help in getting some smokey effect.

Now, add some highlights to the center of your lid and inner corner. End this look by applying mascara 

Wear Red On Red

When it is about the best red dress makeup ideas, you might have come across the idea involving wearing red lip color with the red dress. No doubt this is a classic combination, but you need to wear it confidently. If you are going to attend a night party, you can never go wrong with this look.

For this look, start with a foundation base. Then, apply a light blush on the apple of your cheeks. You can also use bold eyeliner. If you want, you can also go with wing-tipped eyeliner and fake eyelashes. But, make sure not to use dark eyeshadow. Keep it neutral, or you can try a natural, shimmer eyeshadow.

Now, wear the same red lipstick as your dress, as other shades can clash and ruin your look. End up with a gloss on the top.

Smokey Eyes

Many women are afraid of going with smokey eyes because they think that this makeup look does not go well with a red dress. But, if you do it carefully, this look really works great with a red dress. If you are preparing yourself for a night event, the combination of smokey eyes and a red dress is quite appealing.

Here, you must know that your eyes are the focal point in this look, so keep your face and lips in the backseat. Start getting this look with a thin coat of BB cream. Apply peach shimmer on the apple of your cheeks. You need not use bronzer here. But, if you notice that a foundation has made your face look pale, then use only a dusting of bronze powder.

For eye makeup for red dress, start with using concealer on the lids as it helps in sticking eyeshadow. Take a pencil liner and trace thick lines around the eyes. You can also use mascara to voluminous your lashes.

Now, brush metallic eyeshadow on your lids. It would be best to apply two coats of powder shadow. Avoid using a cream-based shadow. Use a nude shade for your lips.

Bold Lips With Red Dress

Another way to get the perfect prom makeup for red dress is to go a little bolder and become luxurious with your makeup. If you have a fair-skinned body, this look can be your perfect choice to stand out from others. In this look, you will use warm earthy colors on your eyes.

Get your lips done in oxblood or deep marsala shade.  Evening events are the best time to get this look. Having bold lips with your red dress has the power to transform you into the diva of the event.

Some Tips For Perfect Makeup For Red Dress

We all know that red is a bold color that can add a statement to your look. If you have chosen to wear a red dress, it is sure that you are going to draw some attention to the occasion. Just make sure that you have the right hairstyle and makeup that complement your dress.

  1. Never wear a clashing red lip color

If you are going to wear a red lip color, make sure that it should be the same as your red dress or as close to it. It should not be like that you are wearing orange-red lip color with a deep red dress.

  1. Consider your skin tone when choosing a red dress

You can find plenty of red shades. For cooler-toned skin, you should go for brighter shades of red. For warmer toned skin, you can consider wearing earthy tones of red. Similarly, for darker-toned skin, wine-red and berry tones work well.

  1. Avoid wearing bright eyeshadow

You should never wear bright eyeshadow, such as blue, yellow, and others. Instead, you can opt for smokey eye makeup to get a glamorous look. The best idea is to stick to neutral tones.

  1. Go with simple, natural makeup

Red is an extremely eye-catching color, which means you need not work overdo or go too crazy for the makeup. You should go with nudes and earth tones as they are classic and highly flattering.

  1. Highlight your eyes or lips

Always keep in mind that you cannot go over with makeup. If you have good skin, simply use a tinted moisturizer all over your face, and you are good to go. But if you have discolored skin or marks, start doing makeup with primer, then use concealer and followed by a foundation to get clear and smooth skin.

Final Words

These are some of the best makeup tips, and makeup looks for red dress. Keeping all these things in mind, you can look stunning at your most awaited party. The finishing touch to your overall look is always to go with a lovely hairstyle.