Dive into the “Peaches Makeup” Phenomenon: A Vibrant TikTok Challenge Sparked by Hailey Bieber’s Glam!


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Dive into the Peaches Makeup Phenomenon A Vibrant TikTok Challenge Sparked by Hailey Bieber's Glam!

Hey beauty lovers! I’ve got the inside scoop on the hottest makeup trend that’s been taking the internet by storm. So, you know Justin Bieber’s latest track, “Peaches,” right? Well, brace yourself because his wife, the stunning Hailey Bieber, has kicked off a TikTok makeup challenge that’s turning heads, and I can’t wait to spill all the juicy details!

The challenge, aptly named #PeachesMakeupChallenge, was born from a TikTok video featuring Hailey’s talented makeup artist, Adam Burrell. The video showcases Hailey rocking a fun and vibrant peachy makeup look, complete with cheeks, eyes, and lips that scream summer vibes. The result? A viral sensation that has garnered over 1.4 million likes on Instagram and 1.3 million views on TikTok. Talk about making waves in the beauty world!

Peaches Makeup

Now, you might be wondering what this “Peaches Makeup” is all about. Picture soft peach and pink hues, warm tangerine tones, and coral shades—perfect for the upcoming summer season. With the warm weather approaching, it’s the ideal time to flaunt a radiant, sun-kissed complexion and experiment with a refreshing makeup look.

Imagine a diffused warm pink eyeshadow that adds a touch of subtle glam, a cheek-enhancing peach blush to give you that natural flush, and a flirty pink or coral lip gloss to tie it all together. The result? A look that’s as sweet as a juicy peach!

Curious to see my take on this peachy makeup trend? Scroll down to check out my own interpretation, and I’m challenging you to give it a shot yourself! Let’s spread the peachy love and create a makeup movement that’s as vibrant and exciting as Hailey’s #PeachesMakeupChallenge. Get ready to glow and embrace the peachy perfection!

Let’s embark on the delightful journey to achieving that radiant, glowing skin – the kind that turns heads and makes you feel confident and beautiful.

1. The Perfect Start:

Our pursuit of a luminous complexion begins with the foundation of healthy skin. Imagine your skin sipping on a hydrating, non-oily moisturizer that feels like a revitalizing drink. This moisturizer not only preps your skin but also nourishes it deeply, creating the perfect canvas for your makeup. As the next step, introduce a refreshing face primer into your routine. It’s like a magical potion that refines and smoothens your pores, ensuring your makeup glides on flawlessly. For an extra touch of brilliance, consider an illuminating moisturizer that leaves your skin looking not just 100 percent brighter but also wonderfully dewy.

2. Building a Flawless Base:

Now, let’s focus on achieving a natural-looking base that radiates health and freshness. To even out any imperfections, enlist the help of concealer – the unsung hero of the makeup world. This magical wand, with its pointed tip, makes spot concealing a breeze, especially around the eyes and nose. Not only does it provide immediate coverage for blemishes and dark circles, but it also ensures your skin stays healthy and hydrated. Blend the concealer seamlessly using your fingertips or a trusty foundation brush.

3. Locking in the Look:

The key to a picture-perfect finish lies in the SUGAR Power Clay SPF20 BB Cushion Compact. This weightless formula, almost like a second skin, not only blends seamlessly but also offers great coverage. What’s even better? It’s a friend you can count on throughout the day – reapply as needed. Take a moment to set the look with a translucent powder strategically applied under the eyes, around the nose, and on the chin. This step not only prevents creases but also highlights these key features. Complete the look with a few spritzes of a makeup setting mist, transforming any hint of powderiness into a luminous, dewy finish that looks oh-so-real.

4. Swirl, Sculpt, and Smile:

Here comes the star of the show – the vibrant peach pink blush. Picture it as your secret weapon for that energized, just-pinched flush. The application is a breeze – take a swirl of blush onto a blush brush, then gently sweep it over your cheeks, concentrating the color intensity on the apples. Enter the SUGAR Contour De Force Mini Blushes, featuring shades like 01 Peach Peak (Soft Peach Pink), 04 Salmon Superstar (Warm Peach), and the dreamiest coral shade – 05 Coral Climax. Each of these choices promises to leave you looking like you just received the sweetest compliment, enhancing your overall radiance.

Absolutely, let’s delve deeper into each step to create a more detailed and comprehensive guide for achieving that radiant peachy makeup look.

vibrant peach pink blush

5: The Radiant Base

A canvas ready to be transformed into a masterpiece. That’s your face, and we’re about to bring out its natural glow. The secret lies in the bronzer. It’s not just about applying it; it’s about applying it with finesse. Take a makeup brush, tap it gently into your chosen bronzer, and sweep it delicately along your cheekbones. But we’re not stopping there – your temples and forehead deserve some love too. Think about the places where the sun loves to caress.

Now, let’s talk highlighter. We want that glow to be subtle but undeniable. The SUGAR Glow and Behold Jelly Highlighter is your magical tool. With three majestic shades catering to all skin tones, it’s like capturing the essence of sunlight on your skin. The pigmented highlighters boast a shimmer so fine it’s practically poetry. Trust me; your cheekbones will thank you for this touch of elegance.

6: Eyes That Shine

Ah, the windows to the soul. Let’s make them sparkle. After applying a neutral base on your eyelids, it’s time to introduce some warmth. Dive into a darker peach-pink or coral eyeshadow – your choice, your canvas. The key here is blending. A brush is your wand, and with gentle strokes, blend the colors until they seamlessly dance together.

For those who crave versatility, the SUGAR X Wonder Woman Mixed Palette in 02 Primal President is a game-changer. Matte, shimmer, and high-foil shine textures in a symphony of pink, peach, brown, and rusty gold hues – it’s a makeup artist’s dream. Your eyes, whether you’re heading to work or a glamorous evening affair, will tell a story of sophistication and allure.

And let’s not forget the eyeliner. A subtle stroke, just enough to define those eyes, followed by the magic wand – mascara. It’s like the final touch to a breathtaking piece of art.

7: The Perfect Finish

Completing our masterpiece involves paying attention to the finer details – your lips and eyebrows. Opt for a natural glossy finish on your lips. Think of it as a whisper of color, not a bold statement. A nude peach or peach-pink lipstick is your choice; use your finger to dab it on for that gradual, natural effect.

For the gloss, the SUGAR Time To Shine Lip Gloss in 03 Mellow Kitty (Deep Peach Nude) is your go-to. The sheer formula is like a gentle breeze on your lips – enhancing, moisturizing, and leaving them looking just perfect.

There you have it – a detailed journey into the world of peachy perfection. Remember, this isn’t just makeup; it’s an expression of your unique beauty. Enjoy every stroke, every blend, and watch as your radiant self shines through. Makeup isn’t just about enhancing features; it’s about celebrating them!

peachy makeup look

Imagine stepping out with makeup that makes you feel fresh, happy, and just right. It’s like a burst of joy on your cheeks, eyelids, and lips – a perfect blend of colors that leaves everyone in awe. What’s even better? This makeup isn’t just for special occasions; you can flaunt it every day and still look fabulous. It’s like adding a touch of sophistication whenever you feel like jazzing things up a bit.


The “Peaches Makeup” phenomenon, ignited by Hailey Bieber’s TikTok challenge, has undeniably become a vibrant and exciting trend in the beauty world. The #PeachesMakeupChallenge has not only captured the attention of millions but has also inspired a wave of creativity and self-expression.

As we explored the steps to achieve the radiant peachy makeup look, it’s evident that this trend goes beyond cosmetics – it’s a celebration of individual beauty and a journey to embracing a glowing, confident self. From the perfect start with a hydrating moisturizer to the flawless base and the star of the show – the peachy blush, every step is a stroke in the canvas of self-expression.

The detailed guide takes you through each phase, from creating a luminous base to enhancing your eyes and achieving the perfect finish. The use of SUGAR cosmetics adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the entire process, ensuring a seamless and delightful makeup experience.

So, whether you’re heading to a special occasion or just wanting to add a burst of joy to your daily routine, the “Peaches Makeup” trend offers a perfect blend of colors that not only turns heads but also celebrates the unique beauty in everyone. It’s more than makeup; it’s an artful expression that allows you to shine, feel fresh, and exude confidence – a delightful burst of sophistication whenever you feel like embracing your radiant self. So, why not take on the #PeachesMakeupChallenge and let your beauty glow in the hues of peaches and pinks!