Basic Tips For Applying Makeup!

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Applying Eye Makeup For A Natural Look

Makeup is a very intuitive part of all the women present on this universe. The mantra to establish a proper style statement for yourself is the correct usage of makeup that will enable you to look attractive. Make sure that the makeup you use gives you a natural look instead of a flaky appearance. You need to be very cautious while defining your makeup statement.

Applying Eye Makeup For A Natural Look

When it comes to makeup, it’s very important to follow some basic steps or tips for applying makeup. Here, are some basic tips for applying makeup that might help you to get a flawless look that too without investing much time on it.

Base Makeup is the very first step of your entire makeup schedule. Use a foundation that goes well with your complexion. A shade brighter than your original complexion is preferable. Dab it properly on your face with the help of a brush and then blend it properly. To conceal all the fine lines and dark circles proper application and blending is very necessary. This is your first step as a brighter base will help you to get an emerald look, which is desirable.

Then, your next step should be application of blush. Try and choose colors that are gentle to give you a natural look. Bright berry shades is a good option. Apply the blush on apple of your cheeks and then blend it upward towards the temple with your fingers. Use a cream blush instead of the powdered one to get a glowing and natural look.

Then it comes to eye shadow and for that whichever color you choose just remember to blend it properly. Use a thick brush and blend it nicely from the lash line to the brow bones. You can also use a shiny eye base as that looks very peppy.

Apply eyeliner adjacent to the lash line in order to get a natural look. Whether you use a liquid or a pencil eyeliner, be cautious while carving your eyes as that adds a different structure to your entire face which acts as a highlighter.

Put up mascara to get voluminous eyes. Be sure about the depth of your lashes as if the mascara is not in proportion with the eye lashes then you will miss out the desired look.

And at the end apply a lipstick as per your preference. But, the general equation is that if you have made your eyes look bold then go for a lighter shade and if the eye makeup is light then a darker shade of lipstick will give you a balanced look.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for applying makeup and you’ll share with your friends, sisters and others who love to wear makeup.  Get more ideas here.

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