Smokey Eye Makeup – Some Important Steps to be Followed

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Smokey Eye Makeup Looks

The eye makeup is the key to having a perfect style statement for any event; be it a prom night or any anniversary, which has the potential of getting noticed by onlookers to a great extent. While the dress for a particular occasion is a big issue in ensuring the stylish appearance; the makeup of the eyes and hairdo are also of immense importance.

The Eye Makeup is surely the most important of all to get the stunning and bold look, which is having the potential of separating the person from the gathering and able to bring accolades from onlookers. Some of the most influential, different and important tips about the Smokey Eye Makeup are as follows:

Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas

Application of Highlighter:

The highlighter is considered as the lightest of the three shades of the eyeshadows; it has to be applied, by using the eyeshadow brush, on the inner corner of the eyelid and on both the lower and the upper lids, just by dabbing it gently. Direct sweeping under the eyebrows, from the beginning to the end part is suggested for the best use of the highlighter. This is the most important steps for making your smokey eye makeup more attractive and proper.

Medium Shade Putting:

After the use of highlighter; the middle eyeshadow shade has to be applied by sweeping the same over the entire eyelid region. Special care has to be taken to complete the blending inside the corners with the highlighter, which will ensure that the omission of gaps between the two different colors. Only the upward application is required along the natural crease of the eyelid and not all areas below the eyebrows.

Applying A Smokey Eye Makeup

Darkest Color Addition:

The darkest color is using as the penultimate touch that begins from the outside cone of the eyes and sweeps in the “C” shape from about the halfway inside of the lash. Special attention is being given so that the darkest part has to be the upper edge of the respective lash line of the individual. The shadow shouldn’t be used too far inside the eyelid, which will be helpful in getting the look the open and brighter one.

Smoky Eye Makeup Steps

Blending of Shadows:

The Cleaning of the eyeshadow brushes can be done with the “makeup brush cleaner” or shampoo for the blending purpose. After that, the brush could be used for the blending of different colors to get the best smokey effects. The starting of the blending should be started with the lightest color and finished with medium and darkest colors simultaneously.

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