Dive into Barbiecore 2023: Glamorous Looks to Recreate Right Now


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Dive into Barbiecore 2023 Glamorous Looks to Recreate Right Now

Hey Gorgeous Readers! Get ready to unleash your inner Barbie as we explore the captivating world of Barbiecore in 2023. It’s not just a trend; it’s a glamorous revolution that’s taking the fashion scene by storm!

The Barbiecore Renaissance: A World in Pink

You’ve probably heard the buzz – Barbie is back, and she’s more fabulous than ever! Margot Robbie’s upcoming movie has catapulted Barbie into a Renaissance period, and the fashion world is ablaze with Barbiecore vibes. From sizzling hot pink dresses to the iconic Barbiecore Pink lipstick and the trendsetting bubblegum-colored tresses, it’s a life in plastic, and we can’t get enough of it.

Remember that catchy Barbie song? “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbiecore world…” If it’s not playing in your head right now, you’re missing out on the essence of this fashionable revolution.

Barbiecore Glamorous Looks

Barbie as a Timeless Muse: From SNL to the Runway

Long before TikTok claimed the Barbiecore trend, our beloved Barbie was already a muse to countless celebrities. Kim Kardashian, in her unforgettable SNL debut in October 2021, wowed us all in a blinding Barbiecore pink Balenciaga catsuit, setting the stage for the comeback of Barbie’s signature style.

Fashion powerhouse Valentino also joined the Barbiecore movement, showcasing an unforgettable Fall 2022 runway show. The entire collection embraced the vibrant world of fuchsia, with runway models and celebrities adorned in eye-catching pink from head to toe.

Embrace the Barbiecore Glam: A Makeup Journey

Now, let’s get down to business. If you’re ready to embark on a glamorous ride and transform into a real-life Barbie, you’re in for a treat. We’re about to guide you through some sensational Barbie makeup looks that will leave you feeling like the ultimate Barbie girl.

1. Barbiecore Pink Elegance

Start by embracing the power of pink. From eyeshadows to blush and lipstick, go all out with various shades of pink to capture the essence of Barbiecore elegance. Think soft pinks for a daytime look and bold magentas for a night out – you’re the star of your Barbie story!

2. Doll-like Lashes and Winged Liner

Barbie’s iconic look isn’t complete without her signature long lashes and flawless winged eyeliner. Grab your favorite mascara and eyeliner, and let’s amplify those eyes. Flutter those lashes, and get ready to conquer the world with Barbie-worthy confidence.

3. Radiant Barbie Glow

Barbie’s flawless complexion is envy-worthy, and you can achieve it too. Invest in a radiant foundation, a touch of highlighter, and some rosy blush to capture that unmistakable Barbie glow. The goal? A complexion that’s as radiant as your personality.

4. Experiment with Barbiecore Hair

Don’t forget about the hair – it’s a crucial element of the Barbiecore transformation. Whether you opt for a bold bubblegum pink wig or experiment with temporary hair colors, let your locks channel Barbie’s vibrancy. Barbiecore isn’t just a look; it’s a lifestyle!

Lovely Lashes

To get those beautiful lashes that flutter like a butterfly, use our special Volumizing Mascara. It won’t smudge, and it will make your lashes stand out and look really pretty.

Barbie Pink Eyes

Make your eyelids look like Barbie’s with our Two Good To Be True Dual Eyeshadow. It has two sides – one is a smooth, velvety color, and the other is a sparkly metallic shade. This eyeshadow is super colorful and stays on for more than 20 hours. Putting it on is easy with the applicator it comes with!

Rosy Cheeks

Give your cheeks a rosy glow with our Contour De Force Mini Blush in Pink Pinnacle. It’s a matte blush that adds just the right amount of color to your face. You only need a little bit, but you can add more for a stronger Barbie look.

Pretty Pink Lips

For lips that stay vibrant all day and night, try our Mousse Muse Maskproof Lip Cream in Pinkie. It lasts for 24 hours and has a lovely matte finish. Your lips will look intense and beautiful, just like a stylish Barbie doll.

Barbiecore Fantastic Makeup Styles

Stepping into Barbie’s World: Margot Robbie’s Fantastic Makeup Styles for Everyday Glam!

Let’s jump into the awesome world of Barbiecore 2023, inspired by none other than the amazing Margot Robbie. We’re about to spill the secrets behind her ‘Barbie’ makeup looks, so you can bring a touch of that fabulous style to your own everyday glam routine.

1. Beachy Gingham Barbie: Feeling Pretty in Pink

Imagine Barbie in a cute pink checkered dress, all set for a day at the beach. She’s got an all-pink look, from her rosy-pink cheeks to a lovely pink lip. Want to copy this Barbiecore Pink look? Start by giving your lashes some love with our clump-free Uptown Curl Lengthening Mascara. Then, add a swipe of our intensely colorful Time To Shine Lip Gloss in Velma Pinkley for that perfect pink pout.

2. Disco Barbie: Sparkling in Fuchsia

Now, picture Barbie in a sparkly pink suit with rhinestones. Her lips steal the spotlight with a bright fuchsia-pink lipstick. And she keeps it classy with a bit of rosy blush and just a touch of eye makeup. It’s glam and fun all rolled into one!

3. Western Barbie: Rocking the Cowgirl Vibe

See Barbie looking awesome in a super hot-pink jumpsuit, wearing a baby-pink lipstick, soft-pink blush, and nude-pink eyeshadow – total cowgirl chic! You can get this Western Barbie look with our super-colorful Blend The Rules Eyeshadow Palette in the shade Fetish, the long-lasting Contour De Force Mini Blush in Peach Peak, and our Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick – 07 Rethink Pink.

4. Barbie Nails: Prettifying Your Tips

But the Barbie fun doesn’t stop at makeup and clothes – it extends to your nails too! Margot Robbie’s press tour nails take us even further into the ‘Barbieverse.’ For example, at the Seoul press tour, she flaunted pink French manicure tips to match her shiny dress. You can get this two-tone look using our chip-resistant Tip Tac Toe Nail Lacquer Classic in the shade Peacher Perfect.


The Barbiecore trend of 2023 has evolved into a captivating and glamorous revolution, fueled by Margot Robbie’s upcoming movie and embraced by fashion influencers and designers alike. From hot pink dresses to iconic lipstick shades and bubblegum-colored hair, Barbie’s influence is omnipresent, inspiring a vibrant and bold aesthetic.

Barbiecore 2023 Glamorous Looks

The Barbiecore Renaissance, propelled by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and fashion powerhouse Valentino, has seamlessly integrated into the fashion scene. Barbie’s timeless allure has transitioned from SNL moments to runway showcases, showcasing a vivid world of fuchsia and embracing the signature style that defines Barbiecore.

For those eager to embark on a Barbiecore transformation, the makeup journey is key. From Barbiecore Pink Elegance to Doll-like Lashes and Winged Liner, the guide provides a comprehensive roadmap to achieve the ultimate Barbie look. The emphasis on radiant Barbie glow and experimentation with Barbiecore hair underscores that Barbiecore is not merely a fashion trend but a lifestyle.

The article also introduces beauty products that cater specifically to achieving the Barbiecore look, offering tools for lovely lashes, Barbie pink eyes, rosy cheeks, and pretty pink lips. These products promise a lasting and intense Barbie-inspired aesthetic, inviting readers to incorporate Barbiecore elements into their daily beauty routines.

Margot Robbie’s makeup styles, inspired by Barbie, further enhance the allure of Barbiecore. From the beachy gingham Barbie to disco Barbie and Western Barbie, the article provides insights into recreating Robbie’s fantastic Barbie-inspired looks. The inclusion of Barbie nails, as seen in Robbie’s press tour, adds an extra dimension to the Barbiecore trend, encouraging enthusiasts to extend the aesthetic to their manicures.

In essence, the Barbiecore trend of 2023 is a celebration of glamour, vibrancy, and self-expression. It invites individuals to embrace their inner Barbie, experiment with bold colors, and make a stylish statement that goes beyond fashion and permeates the realms of beauty and lifestyle.