Flutter and Glow: Unveiling the Butterfly Highlighter Technique for Radiant Skin


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Unveiling the Butterfly Highlighter Technique for Radiant Skin

Join me in a dance of radiance, where we’ll illuminate the night just like a butterfly’s gentle glow. Today, I bring you a beauty revelation! Dua Lipa makeup artist is ready to spill the secrets behind her signature highlighter technique—a swift, single-product approach for achieving luminous skin in the blink of an eye. It’s a lightning-fast beauty hack that’s too good to keep to ourselves.

So, here’s your moment, my friend. Lean in, are you catching my drift? You absolutely need to acquaint yourself with the Butterfly highlighting technique, and lucky for you, we’ve got all the juicy details.

Radiant Skin

Let’s take a deep dive into the inner workings of Lisa Eldridge’s highlighter technique, a methodology that promises to bestow upon you a glow that rivals that of Dua Lipa herself.

Now, let’s unravel the magic behind the trick. Lisa Eldridge swears by her butterfly highlighting technique, a go-to move when time is of the essence on set, which, let’s be real, is pretty much always. The best part? You’ll only need both your hands and a liquid highlighter to pull off this radiant sorcery.

Here’s the breakdown for the uninitiated: Eldridge artfully applies a liquid highlighter to the outer edge of one hand, proceeding to rub the edges of both hands together to ensure an even distribution and to infuse a touch of warmth into the product. Why hands, you ask? Well, your hands are ingeniously shaped to cradle your cheekbone area, allowing for the delivery of a precisely targeted glow in mere moments.

Now, for the pièce de résistance — Eldridge delicately applies the highlighter to the skin in three upward, curved “butterfly wing shapes.” Envision your hands gracefully cupping your cheekbones, utilizing only the outer edge of your palm to apply the product, executing gentle dabs akin to a butterfly fluttering its wings.

While this butterfly makeup technique performs wonders when done by a skilled hand, Lisa has a pro tip for those seeking a self-sufficient glow.

For solo application: Utilize the fleshier part of the inside of your hand instead of the outer sides. Gently pat the highlighter onto your cheekbones, employing a rocking motion as you move up towards your temples.

Now, let’s delve into why the liquid highlighter is the unsung hero of the Butterfly Technique. Unlike its powder counterpart, which demands brushes and a myriad of intricate steps, liquid highlighters take center stage by virtue of their efficiency.

With a simple glide onto your palms, a liquid highlighter ensures a swift and seamless application, aligning perfectly with the current makeup trends of 2023. Say goodbye to the fussiness of brushes and powder textures, as liquid highlighters eliminate unnecessary steps, rendering the technique both relevant and time-effective.

In essence, the liquid highlighter is the key to unlocking a radiant glow in a flash. It not only streamlines the process but also enhances the ethereal flutter effect, ensuring you achieve that coveted radiant glow effortlessly.

Butterfly Highlighter Technique for Radiant Skin

And now, let’s talk about our best-selling online face highlighters:

Own The Light Liquid Highlighter

This ultra-pigmented formula glides onto your skin like a butterfly, blending easily and adding instant radiance without any chunky glitter, thanks to its invisible sparkle flakes. Simply apply it to your cheekbones using the butterfly highlighting technique, and voila!

Glow And Behold Jelly Highlighter

Boasting a water-based formula, this highlighter is intensely pigmented, buildable, and provides an instant, nourishing glow—making it the perfect companion for the butterfly highlighting technique.

There you have it, my friend! It’s as easy as pie. We absolutely adore this butterfly makeup highlighter technique, and we’re confident that you will too. Just wait until you try it, and you’ll find yourself levitating with that radiant glow. It’s a beauty revolution, and you’re at the forefront!


In conclusion, the Butterfly Highlighter Technique is a radiant revelation, a dance of luminosity that promises to transform your beauty routine. Lisa Eldridge’s ingenious approach, born from the fast-paced world of set glam, is now at your fingertips—literally. With just your hands and a liquid highlighter, you can effortlessly achieve a glow reminiscent of Dua Lipa herself.

This technique, resembling delicate butterfly wings, is not only visually enchanting but also strategically efficient. Eldridge’s artistic skills help us move our hands and highlight the curves of our cheeks in a beautiful way. Whether you want to shine brightly for a special event or just look radiant every day, this technique easily fits your preferences.

The choice of liquid highlighter emerges as a pivotal factor, streamlining the process and aligning with the contemporary simplicity of beauty trends. Bid farewell to the complexities of brushes and powders; instead, revel in the ease of a liquid formula that effortlessly enhances the ethereal flutter effect.

As you embark on this beauty journey, consider our best-selling online face highlighters—Own The Light Liquid Highlighter and Glow And Behold Jelly Highlighter. These items are more than just makeup; they invite you to try the Butterfly Technique, giving you the ability to easily step into a world of beautiful radiance.

Give the Butterfly Highlighter Technique a shot to get a lovely glow. Wearing this makeup isn’t just a style, it’ll make you shine and feel great. Imagine yourself dancing with butterflies and becoming a glowing, beautiful you. Give it a try and see the magic!

FAQs for the Butterfly Highlighter Technique

1. What is the Butterfly Highlighter Technique?

The Butterfly Highlighter Technique helps you get glowing skin easily and fast. It was inspired by Dua Lipa’s makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge. It involves applying liquid highlighter in three upward, curved “butterfly wing shapes” using your hands.

2. Why is it called the Butterfly Highlighter Technique?

The method is called “butterfly technique” because it imitates how butterfly wings move gently and gracefully on the cheeks when applying the highlighter.

3. What do I need to perform the Butterfly Highlighter Technique?

All you need are your hands and a liquid highlighter. The liquid formula ensures a seamless application without the need for brushes, making it a quick and efficient beauty hack.

4. How do I apply the Butterfly Highlighter Technique on my own?

For solo application, use the fleshier part of the inside of your hand. Gently pat the highlighter onto your cheekbones, moving in a rocking motion towards your temples.

5. Why is a liquid highlighter recommended for this technique?

Unlike powder highlighters, liquid highlighters are efficient and eliminate the need for brushes and complex steps. They provide a swift and seamless application, aligning with the simplicity of current makeup trends.

6. Tell me about the recommended online face highlighters for this technique.

Our best-selling online face highlighters, “Own The Light Liquid Highlighter” and “Glow And Behold Jelly Highlighter,” are specifically designed for the Butterfly Highlighter Technique. They offer instant radiance without chunky glitter and are easy to blend.

7. How do I apply the recommended liquid highlighters?

Simply apply the recommended liquid highlighters to your cheekbones using the Butterfly Highlighting Technique for an instant, nourishing glow. The invisible sparkle flakes ensure a seamless and natural look.

8. Is the Butterfly Highlighter Technique suitable for everyday use?

Absolutely! Whether you’re preparing for a special event or just want to look radiant every day, the Butterfly Highlighter Technique is versatile and can easily be incorporated into your daily beauty routine for a glowing and ethereal effect.