The Best Way To Apply Eye Makeup

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How To Apply Eye Makeup Easy Steps

Makeup is a very imperative part of all the women’s life’s. Makeup helps in boosting confidence and energy that is very much required for performing well irrespective of in which ever field you are. The most vital organ of the face is your eyes if that is presented properly then half of the work in establishing your personality is done.

As we know, that eyes are the true representatives of one’s character and hence, that needs to be designed well to portray the right angle of your being. Previously, Eye Makeup meant only application of Kohl. But, in contemporary times it’s not just the kohl rather a wide range of cosmetics including eyeliner, Eye Shadows, mascaras have turned out to be an intriguing part of designing your eyes and a highly defined eyes will not be achieved if all these elements are not there in your eye makeup kit. There are many ways to stylize your eyes.

How To Apply Eye Makeup Correctly

But some basic points include:

1. Proper Application Of Eyeliners –Put on eyeliner as close as possible to the lash line, so that it gives a natural look by making it appear as a part of your lashline. While applying keep your eyes open and look straight into the mirror. If you are interested in having smoky eyes then use a pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid one and after applying it smudge it with the help of your hands or with the help of a smudger and get smoky, soft and creamier look.

2. How to Apply Mascara – To provide volume to your eyes start applying mascara right from the roots instead of just applying it on the tips. You have to be very cautious while applying mascara on your eyelashes. If the desired amount of mascara is not applied as per the volume of your lashes then it might give you a clumsy look. and if you want your mascara to stay for a longer time then do not pump the wand while pulling out the mascara, rather swirl it. This also prevents quick drying up of your mascara.

3. Application of Eyeshadow – The most important thing about applying eyeshadow is the usage of proper brush, if the brush is not appropriate then the result won’t be attractive. Remember, that the flat brushes are for putting on the eyeshadow and the fluffy one’s acts as a proper blender and to get desired results you should blend your eyeshadow at its best.