Smokey Eye Makeup For Dark Skin Tone

May 14, 2019 by Dal Uplana

Do you love doing makeup with smokey eyes but always afraid of wearing it on your eyes due to your dark skin tone?

Whether you are going for a night out or for a party at night, you can make your brown eyes mysterious and appealing with the help of applying smokey eye makeup.

Are you wondering how to do smokey eyes makeup and turn your ordinary eyes into an extremely attractive portion of your face and overall look? If yes, you have reached the right place. Before moving further, you must know that colors used to create smokey eyes on lighter skin do not work on your darker skin, it means the selection of eyeshadow for dark skin are different than those you have seen on women’s eyes with fair skin tone.

Go through this article to know more about smokey eye makeup for dark skin. The makeup with smokey eyes and a subtle lipstick/lipgloss combination gives a sexy and soulful look to compliments your dark skin tone.

Step By Step Smokey Eye Makeup For Dark Skin

  • The first step of applying eye makeup is to wash your face. Never wear makeup on unclean skin or on clogged skin or on a skin having previous day’s makeup on. So, start with fresh skin.
  • Now, apply toner using a cotton ball and dab it gently on your face. If you use toner regularly, it not only helps in firming your skin but also reduces clogs and large pores.
Smokey eye makeup for dark skin tone
  • Now, it’s time for foundation, so keep in mind to apply a thin layer of foundation.
  • To cover dark circles, blemishes and uneven skin tone, use a right concealer based on your skin tone and texture. Take a little bit of concealer on your finger and pat it on the required areas like under the eye. Make sure to be gentle when applying any makeup product around the eyes. As the skin is more sensitive there, so even a small stretching can make your eyes tired, so avoid it completely.
  • Choose a nude eyeshadow as the base, like you can use peach nude color. Apply it all over the eyelid using a soft eye shadow brush. You can choose the eyeshadow palette of any brand here.
  • Choose any dark colored eyeshadow, as if here we are using dark purple shade. Make sure to choose dark colored eyeshadow for dark skin.
  • Apply it from the middle to outer corners of your eyes. Simply draw a ‘V’ shape on the outer corner to define the shape of smoke and it is the first step of smokey eye makeup for dark skin. Check in the mirror if you have done it right and is perfect what you see. If there is something wrong, remove it and make it again.
Smokey eye makeup for dark skin tone ladies
  • Next, in order to define the eye socket, you have to choose a black eyeshadow and use it to draw and define the socket line. Here, if you have hooded eyes and want to make them look larger, simply draw an arc on the natural fold above your eyes, it should be little above to make a higher socket line.
  • If you want more colors for your smokey eye makeup for dark skin apart from these three eyeshadows, you can add it now, but always be gentle on patting movements.

  • After applying eyeshadow, use a clean brush to make everything softer by swiping it in circular brush movements. It helps in defining a haze i.e. smoke around the eyes. You must know that smoke has no defined lines either in the beginning or in the end. It just gives a hazed look to your eyes. Also, avoid being too much harsh as it may make your visible lines look uneven, which no one would like to have.
  • Once done with eyeshadow step, it’s time to move on with eyeliner. Choose any dark colored eyeliner, it is important to keep in mind that light colored eyeliner on smokey eyes of dark skin will never be visible, so choose dark, where most common is black.
  • You can use different colored eyeliners to line the inner half and outer half of the eyes like you can go for a creamy mauve for inner half and a creamy dark for outer half. It will define your eyes and make them look more impressive.
  • Now, take a clean brush and merge both colors perfectly at the point where they meet in the middle of the eyelid.
  • To make your smokey eyes more beautiful, do not forget to apply eyeliner on the above eyelids. Simply draw a thin line close to the eyelashes and it will work great in adding a little bit more intensity to your smokey eyes. You must avoid a thick layer of eyeliner here. You can skip applying eyeliner if wearing smokey eyes makeup during the daytime and can go with mascara.
Smokey eye makeup for dark skin tone women
  • To give that full effect to your eyes and for ending the smokey eye makeup for dark skin, you cannot forget applying your favorite black mascara.

As your smokey eyes makeup has ended, so check in the mirror if everything is perfect or if something missing.

You cannot ignore your eyebrows, like if you have very light brows, just fill them with a brow pencil with making harsh lines. Never fill them like you are filling colors in your book as it will give you a clown-like appearance.

Complete the look by applying a lipstick that goes perfectly with your smokey eyes. If you are not getting which color will go flawlessly, opt nude lip color, one of the best solution.


Simply go step by step and play around the color combinations and see what would go perfect on your eyes. So, next time you will take a brush in your hands with confidence.

Now, you are done with your smokey eye makeup for dark skin, so be ready to grab the attention of others in the party.