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Beautiful Natural Makeup Looks

Gone are those days when fashion used to be a very monotonous thing. Putting on makeup would generally mean using some amount of lip color, a little bit of eye makeup, proportionate amount of face makeup and you are done. As fashion evolved, so did the Makeup Styles. Today, makeup is much more specific and striking. People have started experimenting with new looks and unconventional ways of makeup that will actually bring out the real you. So, here is a list of the few Beautiful Makeup Looks that are being appreciated a lot nowadays.

Paint your Lips red!

This is one unique and simple way to highlight your look. Choose the perfect red shade of lipstick and wear just that along with a basic face makeup. This look draws a lot of attention as it makes you look classy and it requires very less or no time for that matter. For your face, you can just use concealer.

Beautiful Natural Makeup Looks

Got those perfect eyes? Highlight them!

This is a very new trend which has gone viral all around the world. Highlighting your eyes can fetch you amazing results by making you look absolutely stunning. You get different colors these days. It can be cobalt, or white or simple black liner or kohl which you can smudge in the edges to get smoky eyes. You can always pair it with a dark lip color which will give you that mysterious look.

Go for the Golden or Silver Shadow.

Eye shadows add a definition to your eyes. You can use either silver or gold touch on your eye lids. This adds an extra effect to your eyes making them look broader and brighter. You can also use some mascara along with it to go with. You can also experiment a bit by using different colors on your eye lids, be it bold colors like pink and orange. This gives you what they call a sunset look.

Get them Right! The lashes and the freckles:

You can use high definition mascara, hold it parallel to the lashes, and move them in a way that it brushes the eye lashes making them look clumpy. For freckles, you can use different colored eye liner pencils and put dots all over your skin under your eyes and nose. This gives you a seventies look.

Beautiful Makeup Looks

Makeup is an art, and knowing the right way can always help. So, you can use some of these Beautiful Makeup Looks according to your preferences and skin tone to look amazingly gorgeous and stunning.

Most Beautiful Makeup Looks