How to Wear Glitter Lips Like a Pro? – Step by Step Guide!

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Have you ever gone to a party with glitter lips? Or, Have you ever watched anyone with glitters on her lips?

There is no doubt that glitter lips are completely on top of everything. You might have seen some models on the runway at shows or on some videos where experts are providing some of the most enthralling makeup videos.

In 2013, a star makeup artist, Pat McGrath, had launched the fashion of getting glitter lips on the autumn-winter Dior show. After a few years, several top models, creators, and other stars were seen on the red carpet with glitter lips.

How to Wear Glitter Lips Like a Pro

We can’t ignore the fact that glitters are one of the girl’s best friends. Also, there is no denying that if you wear glitter in any way, shape, or form; it makes you feel happy, energetic, and confident. If you are fond of sparkles and want to add a dramatic statement to your lips, you can try glitter lips.

No matter what kind of lipstick you are using, it is one of the most valuable makeup products for many women. Some women love using matte lipsticks, while some love to have glossy lips. Every woman has a different choice when it comes to lips.

Many women do not like making their lips look dramatic like glitter lips with the aim of avoiding excessive discomfort. But, do you know that if you apply glitters on your lips correctly, the lips will look more practical. It can be as comfortable as you apply any other lip product. 

On one side, where matte and metallic are stealing the limelight in the makeup industry, learning how to wear glitter lips like a pro works great in setting you apart from the crowd. This new trend provides you a great way to show off your love and sparkly spirit for makeup in a gorgeous way.

If you want to learn how to wear glitter lips like a pro and try this on your own, let’s have this step-by-step guide.

How to Wear Glitter Lips Like a Pro?

  1. Prepping your lips
  2. Applying a base
  3. Choosing glitter
  4. Using the right tools
  5. Picking a color
  6. Cleaning up with concealer
  7. Use scotch tape

1.     Prepping your lips

How to Wear Glitter Lips Like a Pro

Before you apply glitter to your lips, you must work on preparing your lips correctly. It is very important to remove dead skin cells on the lips with gentle exfoliation as it helps in avoiding clumps and flakes when you use glitter on the lips. For this, you have to take a damp washcloth and massage your lips gently with a mixture of coconut oil and brown sugar.

Once it is done, wash your lips with water. Then, you need to soothe and hydrate your lips with moisturizer. Here, applying a layer of moisturizing lip balm helps a lot.

2.     Applying a base

One important thing that you must know is that applying glitter on the bare skin of your lips may result in falling off immediately. To ensure that you get the glitter lips for a longer period along with staying your lips fresh all day long, you need to apply a base before you apply any loose sparkles.

Here, you require applying a layer of lipstick as the base for glitter lips. You can use any shade of lipstick, but the best preference should be using a nude shade if you are going to apply bright glitters. Similarly, you can apply a darker or brighter shade of lipstick if you plan to apply a neutral glitter.

With this step, don’t miss applying a base with a layer of clear lipgloss so that your glitter will stay easier for a longer period of time.

3.     Choosing glitter

When you are going to use glitter on your lips, it is very important to keep in mind that you should be careful while choosing glitter. You should never use glitter that is not a professional make-up grade. Never forget that craft glitters are used on paper and they cannot be used on your skin.

When choosing glitter for your lips, keep in mind that it should be as fine as possible as it will help in avoiding the accumulation of thick clumps of glitter chips on your lips. These types of glitters are not good to stay on the lip throughout the day.

4.     Using the right tools

When it comes to how to wear glitter lips like a pro, it is essential to use the right tools for applying glitters on your lips. When you are going to apply the loose glitter to lips, you can use a mid-sized eyeshadow blending brush. It helps in applying glitter on lips properly and smoothly.

For this, you need to soak this eyeshadow blending brush with water and then squeeze out the extra moisture to make a brush slightly damp. Keep in mind that you are going to use this brush for patting, not rubbing the glitter onto your lips. This will work great in gaining the best and long-lasting results.

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5.     Picking a color

When it is about choosing a color while learning how to wear glitter lips like a pro, you have a number of choices. The makeup industry has a treasure of colors, and similar applies to loose glitter dust as they are available in plenty of colors and shades.

How to Wear Glitter Lips Like a Pro

What color you want to apply to your lips completely depends on you. But at the same time, it also depends on the look you want to create. If you want to get a more dramatic look, you can use bright and wild glitter colors. To create a more subtle finish, you can opt for a more natural color, such as light pink or skinny shade.

6.     Cleaning up with concealer

When you use glitter, there are chances of falling. Even if you apply loose glitter on your lips with so much care, still some of them may fall on your chin or across your cheeks. Once you finish applying glitter on your lips, you need not worry about fallout. For a great outcome, you just require to use a fan brush and dust the loose glitter from your face gently.

It is very important to know the right tricks for how to wear glitter lips like a pro. In order to get the cleaner finish of glitter lips, the best idea is to use the concealer for the perfect look. Get an angled brush for using cream or liquid concealer and line your lips. Now, you have to blend the concealer in the outer direction so that it can define the edges of your lips. This step is quite effective in giving a neat finish.

7.     Use scotch tape

Do you know that removing glitter lips can be one of the challenging tasks in a makeup routine? If you have got perfect glitter lips, no doubt it will last all day. But, of course, you will not want it during your bedtime. There is one remedy that can ease this task without scrubbing your lips harshly or living with sparkles for a couple of days. The best remedy is the use of clear scotch tape.

This remedy may sound weird, but it actually works great. It is a strange way to remove your makeup. Using clear scotch tape is quite effective in getting rid of glitter lips. You just need to take a piece of clear tap and press it gently on your lips. Then, pull it to remove the first layer of glitter. After this, you can use a makeup remover with the help of a cotton swab. It will work in removing the rest of the glitter from your lips.

Pro Tips To Get The Perfect Glitter Lip Look

Exfoliate your lips

Before you start creating lip art, it is important to exfoliate your lips. If you have dry, flaky lips, the glitters will also look extremely patchy. You can do this with a mixture of honey and coffee. Alternatively, you can apply boroline on your lips overnight.

Use matte lipstick as base

If you want to keep your glitters stay for a longer time, you must use a matte base as it does not move out of the lip lines. Also, your lipstick will not get mixed with the glitters; rather, it will work as a great canvas. You can choose a shade closer to the glitter color you are going to apply.

Use glitter glue

How to Wear Glitter Lips Like a Pro

If you are going to take pictures for social media and will remove the makeup after 5 minutes, you can use the loose glitters on your lips. But, if you want to make glitters last for long, you can use makeup glue. You have to apply this makeup glue using a flat brush over your matte lipstick. Then, apply glitters on this glue quickly.

Use quality makeup glitters

Always keep in mind that you should never use craft glitters on your lips. For glitter lips, you have to get some loose makeup glitters that are easily available in the market. Grab fine glitters rather than coarse glitters as they adhere better to the lips and give a perfect finish.

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Avoid using gloss at the top

To get a neat finish and to make your glitters stay in place for longer, never use a gloss over the glitters. It will mix up the glitter and make them fade. It may also ruin the look. If you retouch your glitter lips with balm, it can be problematic. So, try to prep your lips before applying glitter to avoid any dryness.

Final Words

Though glitter lips are trendy, maintaining them for a long time can be difficult. If you want to learn how to wear glitter lips like a pro, just follow the given steps and keep these tips in mind for a gorgeous look. It will fetch compliments for a long.