Makeup Ideas For Women Over 60

Although age is just a number, your skin conditions might make you feel blue once you cross over the age limit of 60. The first thing which you need to realise now is that the makeup tricks which served wonders back in your 20s, might not suffice you any further. As a matter of fact, […]

Makeup Tips for Women Over 60

10 Best Foundation For Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, foundations play a great role in hiding the dry patches. They generally moisturize the dehydrated skin and help in dealing with that tightness and dullness in the skin. If we talk about serum foundations, they work perfectly for all skin types, but more than that, they give excellent results in […]

Enchanting Indian Wedding Makeup For The Bride Who Wishes To Steal The Spotlight

Every bride wants to look ethereal on her wedding day by ensuring that perfection touches everything starting from her makeup to her attire and even the mandap decorations. We really cannot blame the brides who get tensed pondering over the real-life manifestation of their long drawn fantasies. But amongst all the preparations, you can be […]

Alluring Asian Eye Makeup Tips You Need To Implement In Your Daily Routine

One of the biggest issues of Asian women is their size of eyes which have given rise to numerous makeup tutorials set out by experts around the globe for opening up the same. The very diversity of Asian eye makeup paves the requirement for an array of makeup techniques. We understand how difficult it gets […]

Scintillating Makeup Tips For The Brown Eyed Beauties

Since brown lacks any complementary or opposite hue in the color wheel, almost all makeup shades look equally alluring on brown eyed women. The depth of the eye color stands out as the ultimate determining factor in regards to the type of makeup which shall look good, i.e. are they medium brown or almost black. […]