Christmas Makeup Looks – How To Get Easy & Cute Makeup?


Christmas makeup looks

When it comes to Christmas, there are numerous reasons to adore these holidays. For many women, along with opening gifts, Christmas makeup also tops the list. In addition to holiday parties and family time, it is really great to enjoy holidays with jewel tones and glitter.

No matter whatever the occasion, women do not miss any opportunity to dust off their makeup brushes and use of eyeshadow palette. The same happens during Christmas as well.

Whether you are dressing up for a party at home or going to attend a Christmas event, or you are just going out to see the hustle and bustle in your city, you have plenty of designs that will help you look festive. Most of these Christmas makeup looks involve red lips that go perfect with the shade of holly berries and wrapping paper.

When you opt for a glittery eye look, people will start thinking about the sparkling ornaments on the tree. If you want to get a bold look, the best idea is to try red or green eye makeup. You will find no limit as holidays are the time to experiment with makeup.

Also, you can try dark, smoky eye makeup that gives a perfect look to attend late-night holiday gatherings. You can choose to go subtle, bold, or cute Christmas makeup looks. Always keep in mind that there are lots of looks that give you inspiration for every mood, event, and personality.

Here, we have rounded up some easy Christmas makeup looks. Just scroll down to see the best makeup ideas that you can copy this season.

Some Easy Christmas Makeup Looks

  1. Classic Smokey Eyes
  2. Rose Gold Glitter Eyes
  3. Festive Red Lip
  4. Glitter Wings
  5. Ombre Lips
  6. Metallic Eyes
  7. Gold Glitter Eyeliner
  8. Bold Glitter Eyes
  9. Copper Smokey Eyes
  10. Emerald Eyes With Pink Lips
  11. Candy Cane Eyes
  12. Diamond Eyes

Classic Smokey Eyes

It is one of the most preferable and all-around winners among the list of Christmas makeup looks. Black flaming eye makeup is something that you must be there in your cosmetic arsenal. Christmas is a time when you are busy with party season events. Going with gold smokey eye makeup gives you a festive gold touch.

The beauty of this easy Christmas makeup idea with gold adds a more warming part to the black smokey eye. You can go for this makeup look to complement your glittery cocktail dress or any party dress. Make sure to try this wonderful gold and smokey eye makeup this Christmas and surprise others with your look.

Black Smokey Eyes Christmas makeup looks

Rose Gold Glitter Eyes

Do you like to have a pinky look this time? Nothing would be better than this pink glitter makeup look. Having this look means you will definitely going to rock this party season. The rose gold glitter eye makeup is one of the glamorous and sophisticated ideas that go well with any party outfit. It gives the appeal of pink glitter and shimmering metallic.

Rose Gold Christmas makeup looks

You must think of getting this eye makeup for creating an illuminating Christmas gleaming makeup look. Are you looking for one of the easy Christmas makeup looks? You should not miss trying this rose gold glitter eye makeup.

Festive Red Lip

What about getting a look that matches Santa Claus’s scarlet coat and Rudolph’s shining red nose? Similarly, we can’t forget red holly berries. During Christmas, no matter where you look. You find splashes of red all around. It would be really great to embrace this wonderful color in your Christmas makeup looks as well.

To get a bold look this season, you can go with red lips. So, wear a red dress if you have one and get the perfect look.

Glitter Wings

If you love going with wings, you must surely try these overstated glitter wings. This look is so stunning and is quite easier to apply. To get this look, firstly, create your base using glitter glue, or you can also use a cream eyeshadow. To get the perfect sharp edge of the wings, the best idea is to use tape.

Now, use a little loose glitter with the help of your finger on the base while it is still sticky. Then, remove the tape. You can use the tape to apply any loose glitter around your eyes. Next, don’t miss applying your favorite lip gloss. Here you are good to go.

Ombre Lips

If you want to try some modern Christmas makeup looks for your lips, give one try to get ombre lips. If you have thin lips and love to have the illusion of fuller lips this season, trying ombre lips can be the best option for you. You can experiment with different shades of browns and gold as it will help in adding a festive touch.

Ombre lips makeup

You can also try deep red tones to get one of the cute Christmas makeup looks.

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Metallic Eyes

When you go with festive season makeup looks, it is something that can make everyone’s head turns over to you. To add a shine to your Christmas makeup, you should think once about getting metallic eyes. This can be your new gleaming go-to. With just a few simple steps, you can get this easy makeup look.

In order to get perfect festive metallic eyes, going with green and gold glitters is the best option. You can embrace more iconic festive colors by using emerald and shimmering champagne shades. This will give you a flawless festive finish.

Gold Glitter Eyeliner

No need to worry if you have just planned for a party or your friend has invited you instantly. You can the instant party-ready makeup using gold glitter eyeliner. This look works well in adding a subtle splash of Christmas sparkle. This Christmas makeup idea is quite similar to your daily eyeliner look. All you have to do is go for a gold glitter eyeliner and bring an additional dose of festive glamour to your overall look.

Gold Glitter Eyeliner Christmas makeup looks

It does not require any pro step. It is so simple. You can even try this look by upgrading your daily makeup for the office Christmas party. You can never go wrong with this gold glitter eyeliner for an after-work outing with your girls.

Bold Glitter Eyes

Christmas is full of vibrant colors that involve red, green, and sparkling gold. So, what about taking inspiration from these colors and using them to get the perfect Christmas makeup looks? It would be really great to go with something different this time. You can use royal blues that can enhance your makeup to add glamour.

Dark blue glitter makeup is one of the easy Christmas makeup looks and adds serenity to the winter night. Another idea is to try a silver glitter eye makeup look. Get something different when most women embrace warming gold shades. Silver glitter eyes give the illusion of white Christmas and sparkly snowflakes. Make sure to choose highly pigmented makeup products for a long, light-catching look.

Copper Smokey Eyes

One of the classic Christmas makeup looks to master this festive season is to get smokey eyes. The best idea is to use the classic brown shades and greys, along with a metallic tone to add a more festive look. You can match this eye makeup with nude lipstick. Don’t forget to apply black mascara to create a wonderful smokey look. For blue eyes women, this would be a color pop idea.

Copper Smokey Eyes

Emerald Eyes With Pink Lips

You can stand out your brown eyes by using smoked-out emerald eyeshadow. When you use a deep green shade, it brings the main focus to your eyes. So, here you can opt for pairing it with nude pink lipstick. It is something that will make this look more wearable.

When you apply bold color to your eyes, it works wonderfully in de-cluttering the details and will also avoid complicated shading. Going with one color and then applying a perfect coat of mascara has the power to add drama without making you look clownish.

Candy Cane Eyes

If you are looking for cute Christmas makeup looks, you must know that this candy cane eye look is not meant for everyone. But if you choose this look, go confidently, as Christmas makeup has no limit on colors. You can make it more appealing with a matching nail look.

Candy Cane Eyes

To get this look, you need red and white liquid liners. You need not be a makeup pro to get candy cane eyes. Just keep your hand steady. You can get your nails done by yourself, or you can visit a good nail artist.

Diamond Eyes

Are you looking for an ultra-glamorous and fabulous Christmas makeup look? If yes, then try going with a sparkly eye look. The diamonds and glitters add a more dressed-up feel to your neutral face. Additionally, glazed lips will give a luxurious beauty.

All you need is patience; after all, you are going to apply glitter flakes one by one. This does not end here as you also have to remove them at night.

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Final Words

You must not miss the opportunity to get one of the show-stopping Christmas makeup looks. This list will help you to create different looks for this festive season. Don’t forget to work on your hairstyle and nail art ideas. Pair your makeup with the perfect party hair.