Few Essential Makeup Tips To Help You Prep Your Party Look

Herry Chaudhari

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Party Makeup Tips Step By Step

Who doesn’t like enjoying some time off at a party with friends and near ones? While picking the correct outfit for an evening out might not be too hectic a task, but everyone does not have the expertise to pull a stunning Party Makeup Look. Party Makeup is definitely a bit different from regular every day makeup, and is not always that easy. A few tips will help you pull that party makeup look with ease, and will prevent you from the self humiliation of sporting an ill drawn look.

Don’t ignore the basics

An essential aspect to looking beautiful is flawless looking skin, and you definitely don’t want to attend a party with your skin looking like your 80 year old grandmother. Before applying any makeup try and exfoliate your skin using a chemical free scrub. Exfoliation makes the skin smooth, and will offer a natural glow. If you do have a dry skin, apply a little moisturizer before starting with your makeup.

Party Makeup Tips And Tricks

Now, don’t forget the three essential elements of every makeup look, namely primer, foundation and concealer. For a more professional effect, instead of using your fingers use a soft brush or sponge applicators for blending the base products with the skin. Don’t rush; wait for a couple of minuites after applying the base products before you proceed further.

Best Party Makeup Tips

Go bold and look different

Play with your eye looks, try using different shades, try new makeup ideas and make your look stand out. Cat eye always looks sexy, and for this look apply a neutral bronze shade on your lids, and enhance it by using a liquid liner. If you have already done this before and want to try something different try using different bold eyeliner colors. Use metallic shades, or green or blue matte eye pencil, to draw your eyes. You can also apply a subtle metallic shade on your eye lids, apply a few layers of mascara and use a colored colossal kajal for adding a dash of color.

Party Makeup Tips

Add some shimmer, and let your face look like a disco ball in a sophisticated way. Use shimmery primers or highlighters that add a unique glow to the skin and certainly increases the oomph factor. To complete your makeup look use a bold and vibrant lip color that complements both your outfit and eye makeup look. Fuchsia, plum, deep orange, there are hundreds of shades to choose from, which will offer the ‘high impact effect’.