7 Best Holiday Party Makeup Ideas

Jun 26, 2019 by Nilesh Patel

Holidays- that time of the year when you can truly less lose and be yourself. It is obvious then, that you would love to dress up, party and look your very best while doing so. A lot of you might find yourselves deep in a pile of fashion and beauty magazines looking to curate the perfect little party outfit & holiday party makeup, which is both tedious and cumbersome.

It is easy to find the right makeup look for your night out with this special list we’ve curated just for the holidays.

Party Makeup Ideas

Holiday Party Makeup Ideas For Best Look

Red Lips Do the Trick!

If you want to add a little glam to your outfit without having to spend hours on makeup tutorials and put in a painstaking amount of time trying to blend ten different shades, we have just the solution for you. After you’ve managed to apply your base makeup with foundation and concealer, you can add the glam factor by picking a bright red lipstick.

To go with this shade of lipstick, you can make sure you apply winged eyeliner and add a little highlighter just above your cheekbones to add the finishing touches.

Red Lips For Party Makeup

If you want to go all out, add a darker toned blush to truly complete the look. To add another twist to this fun-filled ensemble, you can always add a little glitter on the edges of your lips to make them pop out even more. This isn’t overwhelming as many makeup ideas for parties are.

Gilded Eyes do the Talking!

Adding a little shimmer to your look can never be the wrong option. To make sure your eyes make you look like a goddess in the party, try this gilded look. Take a kohl pencil and line the edges of your eyes with it and smudge it a little to give it a smoky effect. To complete this look, dab a gold glittery eyeshadow in the middle of your eyelids and the inner corner of our eyes.

Pair this effect with dewy lip color and add a very soft-toned blush. This brings out the effect of your eyes and is sure to leave the onlookers stunned and gasping for breath. This is the best holiday party makeup look for this season.

Gilded Eyes

Use Copper for an Evergreen Look

Use a black eyeliner to enhance your eyes. Curl your eyelashes and apply Mascara over them to make them look picture perfect. Now, all you need to do is to add that extra oomph factor. To add a copper effect to your look, apply a shimmery copper eyeshadow along your top and bottom lashes. Take a flat makeup brush to smudge it.

To complement this look, add a nude lip gloss, this adds to the effect drawing more attention towards your eyes and make them stand out. This is the right look to try if you are looking for makeup ideas for parties.

Bold is Beautiful

Holiday party makeup could sometimes just mean adding that extra oomph factor to your plain black attire. You can style it with a bold lip color. Whether it is a rich shade of wine or a bright orange tone, you can bring out the fun side of you even if all you own are formal dresses and skirts. This will add a fun twist to absolutely any outfit and make you stand out in the crowd.

bold party makeup

To complete the look, you can contour your cheeks and brush your eyebrows. Add a thin line of pencil kohl around your lower waterline for excellent results. This will subtly bring out all the features of your face and make you party-ready in no time!

Pretty in Pink

To bring out a glam but gorgeous side of you, try on a powder-based highlighter on your cheekbones. Add a soft dewy cream-based blush to give it a natural yet stunning look. Team this look with a dusty rose shade for your lips. This makes for an aesthetically pleasing look without making it look like your face is loaded with tons of makeup.

To add an extra effect, use a thick line of black eyeliner on your upper as well as the lower lash line. This accentuates all your facial features without making it look like you’re trying too hard for your holiday party makeup.

Pretty party makeup

Cranberry is Cool

To add a sophisticated and classic twist to your pantsuit, co-ord set or gown, you can always opt for this getup. All you have to do is apply a cranberry lipstick and finish the look with a clear lip gloss. This will make complete your look and make your lips look fuller.

To complete this look, team it with a volumizing mascara. Make sure you apply two coats to make your eyes pop. This is a great combination to nail your holiday party makeup without having to go through a lot of products and search for the right combination. This classic look is one of the best makeup ideas for parties.

Neutral is the New Trend

If your outfit is all glitter and glam, you do not want to take someone’s attention off it. With vibrant colors in your makeup kit, it might be a mistake to try and match the glitz of your outfit. This is why the best way to compliment such choices would be to use neutral shades to compliment your attire.

Neutral party makeup

To implement this look, use a light pink as an eyeshadow. Make sure you pick a lightly tinted lip color and a creamy neutral tone for your blush as well.

This completes our list of seven ideas for holiday party makeup. Make sure your outfit is teamed with the right makeup choices when you head out this holiday season. Don’t forget to wear a smile to complete any look!