How to Apply Halo Eye Makeup Like A Pro

Are you a makeup enthusiast? Do you love to try new makeup trends? If yes, you might have come across ‘Halo eye makeup’. Do you know that with every season, there comes a new makeup trend? Many of you might have seen the term ‘halo eye makeup’ and might also have gone through articles discussing […]

How To Apply False Eyelashes – An Ultimate Guide

Faux lashes have become the new fashion trend. It gives the eyes a fuller and more defined look, highlighting the shape of the eyes and adding an element of flair to it. Several different types of fake eyelashes are available to makeup users. Each of these can be used in different ways to create effects […]


7 Best Holiday Party Makeup Ideas

Holidays- that time of the year when you can truly less lose and be yourself. It is obvious then, that you would love to dress up, party and look your very best while doing so. A lot of you might find yourselves deep in a pile of fashion and beauty magazines looking to curate the […]

Makeup Experts Tips For Long-Lasting Wedding Makeup

Feeling beautiful, looking gorgeous and walking down the aisle confidently on the wedding day are the well-deserved rights of each bride. Just like a wedding dress, a long-lasting stunning look is a key for every bride to feel the best on her special day, which not be taken lightly in any way. When it comes […]

Top Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides To Be

Now that you have already found the man of your dreams, it is time to glam up for the D-day. Every bride wishes to be the ultimate star of her wedding and you can ensure the same by following the pre-wedding beauty tips for brides shared by our experts. Cleansing Toning & Moisturizing This three-step […]

Top Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips For Brides To Be