8 Most Essential Tips To Help You Find The Perfect Red Lipstick?

Nov 26, 2017 by Kail Valagoth

Red lipstick is the ultimate makeup weapon which every woman must have! But you must have come across such situations very often when you really loved a shade of red on somebody else’s lips but when you try them on, they do not look just as good. This is a very common problem when it comes to lipstick shades especially shades of red. There are just too many shades of red lipsticks available.

Perfect Red Lipstick For Blondes

There is at least one shade of red lipstick that compliments a complexion. Your hair color also decides if the shade of red will look good on you. So, there you go! All messed up and confused again and saying that same thing over and over again— ‘The best red lipstick does not exist’!

However, there is nothing to worry because here we are here to help you out in finding the best shade of red lipstick that suits your complexion and help you in pulling off the evergreen gorgeous look. Here are some of the tips to find out the best red lipstick that suits to your complexion.

Snow white:

If your complexion is very fair, it is needless to say that you have a pink undertone. Most of your friends might suggest that you do not need to worry much while choosing your shade of red because your complexion might look great with all shades of red. However, if you wish to look the best and not only good, then follow our advice! It is best if you go for shades of red that are either pink based or blue based. To be more precise, go for raspberry that will warm up your pink undertone and make you look perfect.

How To Do Perfect Red Lipstick

Light complexion:

If your complexion is light, you are likely to have a yellowish undertone. In that case, it is best to go for orange based shade of red. This shade of red lipstick will enhance the golden undertone and further brighten up your complexion.

Redheads special:

If you have red hair, you must have very often heard that you can never sport a shade of red lipstick. Contrary to this very popular belief, we suggest otherwise because as already said, there is a shade of red for each and every woman on this planet! Go for coral reds if you have red hair with your complexion having an orange undertone.

Perfect Red Lipstick Color

Medium complexion:

If you have this complexion, you must be knowing that your skin is very much prone to getting tanned and thus the shade of red that you choose must vary with season. In the summer, go for orange based red lipsticks which further compliments the bronze shade of your complexion due to the tan. In winter season, go for a blue based shade of red lipstick.

Olive skinned:

If you have olive complexion, you have an undertone that is yellow-green. You know that your skin is very likely to get tanned readily. In order to compliment the bronze tone of your skin, go for a shade of rust or brick red. These shades will blend in with your complexion effortlessly and also make you look gorgeous at the same time.

Perfect Red Lipstick For Everyone

Toffee or caramel complexions:

For this kind of complexion, the undertone is a shade of yellow. Go for the ultimate cherry shade of red which matches with your skin tone like no other!

Golden and dark complexions:

If your skin tone is golden or dark, you have a yellow undertone. You have two options to try out. If you want to look really bold, go for a shade of true red lipstick which will brighten up your complexion and add warmth to your complexion at the same time. In case you wish to wear red for bringing about a more natural look, try shades of blue based red, to be more precise, plum. This shade of red will complement the dark skin tone you possess.

Perfect Dark Red Lipstick

Very deep and dark complexions:

If your complexion is dark and deep, you again can play with two shades of red lipsticks! Go for the best red lipstick that is based on orange if you wish to look peppy and funky. This will make your pout look sexier than everybody else! For a more natural look, go for shades of red that are based on blue.

I hope you enjoyed tips of choosing the best red lipstick and you’ll tell your friends or others who love to have a perfect red lipstick shade that suits to their complexion.  Get more ideas here.

Which is the best red lipstick shade according to you? Please share in the comments below.