Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World

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Diversity makes our world complete and alive, where without black we cannot even imagine its beauty. So, black is always beautiful, adding its significance in today’s leading fashion and beauty industry.

When it comes to black women, it’s an indisputable fact that they are insanely beautiful with one or more stunningly appealing features. There are countless most beautiful black women in the world, who have marked their positions in an array of industries, such as cinema, music, sports, fashion, and others, taking the world by storm.

Most Beautiful Black Women in The World


A Black woman, who is a brand in herself, does not require any kind of introduction as she has been voted as the hottest woman of the 21st Century. She gained popularity through her one song Destiny’s Child in the late 90s. Since then, she never turned back and gained her place in the list of most influential women in the industry.

Most Beautiful Black Women

Beyonce, a worldwide known singer, songwriter, feminist and a mother of three beautiful kids, is the most influential pop star in the music industry. Her appealing gorgeous Afro-American features make her a fantasy black woman all around the globe.


She is the youngest solo artist with the selling of over 250 million records, multiple award-winning rockstar and world’s hottest women in the entertainment industry. Her name can also be seen in the list of 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time Magazine as well as has also been ranked fourth Most Powerful Celebrity of 2012 by Forbes.

Most Beautiful Black Women

In addition to these achievements at this young age, she is also named as the most beautiful black women in the world. Anyone can get attracted to her gorgeous eyes and bold lips, adding a style statement to her overall personality.

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is an American actress and producer who has gained global public recognition for her role in the ABC drama Scandal. She can also be seen in several movies, a few of them are The Last King of Scotland, Django Unchained and Save the Last Dance, etc., and various independent films. She has also been nominated twice for prestigious awards for her outstanding work in a Drama Series.

Kerry Washington

In 2014, her name was selected in the list of Time Magazine’s ‘Time100’. In addition to her talent, she has also learned a dance for a long time in her childhood.

Nathalie Emmanuel

This English actress has begun her acting career with the theatre in the late 1990s and enhanced her acting skills by working in various productions and television series until she got a chance in a movie, Twenty8k. Her career took a new turn through the HBO fantasy series ‘Games of Thrones’, she becomes worldwide known celebrity and gained popularity through this show.

Most Beautiful Black Women

Nathalie is also featured in Fast 7, The Fate of the Furious and The Maze Runner. She is a fresh-faced actress with appealing physique and lovely natural curls, having a huge fan following all around the globe.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana, this name has been heard several times when it comes to most beautiful black women in the show business. She started her screen career in 1999 episode of Law & Order and made her film debut in Center Stage as a struggling ballet dancer. She has also shown her talent in Star Trek, Pirates of the Caribbean and Avatar.

Zoe Saldana

Once in an interview, she said that no criticism can ever lessen her honour and respect for her black community. Her name can be seen in the list of Maxim’s Hot 100 twice.

Alicia Keys

What makes her stand out from other global black women is the 15-times Granny award-winning singer, songwriter, actress, producer and author. Don’t be surprised with her talent as women are born to be excelled in various fields, this is what Alicia Keys has proved perfectly. You can also see her encouraging women to love their bare skin through her makeup-free campaign on Twitter.

Most Beautiful Black Women

In addition to her milestones, she has that killer attitude that does not require anything more. Being one of the most beautiful black women, she has achieved something extraordinary, leaving her mark on this diverse world.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama has changed the people’s thoughts that beauty is not related to the celebrities only, the women in other fields as well can be beautiful not only from outside but from inside too. Though she is not linked to the fashion or entertainment industry, she became an overnight sensation from the day her husband became President of the USA.

Michelle Obama

As a first lady, she worked effectively in the well-being and awareness regarding poverty, education, nutrition, and healthy eating. She has always a role model for women for her awareness campaigns and dressing style, and her passion for politics.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell, a well-renowned actress, and model started her career in the film and fashion industry at a very young age of 15. She has gained a worldwide reputation by featuring on the covers of more than 500 magazines. From the first black model to feature in Time Magazine to the journey of a businesswoman with a chain of restaurants, she has the most amazing physique even at the age of 49.

Most Beautiful Black Women

The list of the most beautiful black women in the world is incomplete without this sexy lady, who looks nothing less than a Goddess.

Tyra Banks

She is a gorgeous model for almost all top designers and labels who have also seen hosting America’s Top Model as well as on the cover of GQ and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. She is an actress, model, producer, and entrepreneur and comes a long way to mark her place as one of the most successful black women across the globe.

Tyra Banks

What makes her more popular is her black beauty that cannot be matched with anyone in the industry.

Halle Berry

The heartthrob of millions of people around the world, Halle Berry is the first lady to be honoured with Oscar. Her achievements show the world that talent has no relation with color or race. She also gains top positions as the most beautiful actress in the world.

Most Beautiful Black Women

She is a combination of beauty and talent and has also been voted as the sexiest woman by Glamour magazine. Even at 53, she looks graceful and does not fail to impress the world.


Of course, there is a number of gorgeous and most beautiful black women out there, the list is endless.

We have included some of the top black women, who do not have only pretty faces but are highly powerful in their fields as well.

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