How To Wear Makeup For Beach Wedding

Jun 21, 2019 by Herry Chaudhari

A beach wedding is a dream of every woman, and why does it not? The warm sunshine, sparkling sand, clear sky, sound of ocean waves, and fresh salty air make the wedding occasion romantic. Also, these are the reasons for choosing a beach wedding to have a natural background for a wedding album.

If you are lucky to be getting married in such a wonderfully picturesque setting, you must know that such locations are usually hot and humid, so your choice of wedding dress, hairstyle, and even makeup should be accordingly.

Obviously, you do not want any door open for even a single minor mistake that can spoil the big day of your life. When it comes to makeup for a beach wedding, there are several factors that need to be considered which greatly affect your beach makeup.

Makeup For Beach Wedding

Tips For Makeup For Beach Wedding

Here, we would like to share some tips for every bride to get a flawless look on her special day.

This beach wedding makeup guide will help you in creating makeup that will complement the beauty surrounding you.

Use Humidity-proof Foundation

You must choose a foundation that is highly capable of standing up to the humidity. The foundation being a base of your beach wedding makeup works effectively in making your makeup stay longer without melting out or without creating any mess.

The moisture in the beach air is an uninvited guest in your wedding that can cause disaster to any stunning makeup job if you are not prepared for it. So, it is important to apply a humidity-proof foundation that will keep everything on your face in place.

Makeup For Beach Wedding

No Makeup Product With Sparkles

Most of you might not be known to the fact that makeup in the sunlight looks different than indoor lighting. So, this thing should always be kept in mind which choosing the shades and textures. It is true that no bride will ever want to look greasy or oily due to wrongly chosen makeup products.

So, you must avoid anything with sparkles or that makes you look slimy. It is so because sunlight will bounce off of sparkly makeup for a beach wedding and will give a human disco ball look.

Choose A Matter Concealer

Also keep in mind that sunlight illuminates blemishes, dark spots, acne and other flaws on your face more as compared to indoor lighting. So, you should take care of covering those flaws with the help of a matte concealer. We are recommending matte concealer here, to avoid making your face greasy as a result of humidity or sweat. Make sure to choose a shade of concealer that matches perfectly with your humidity-proof foundation.

Blend, Blend, And Blend

You cannot even imagine the benefits of blend, blend, and blend. So, make sure to blend everything perfectly, be it a foundation, bronzer, eyeshadow or anything you use for the beach wedding makeup. You must use the right blending brushes that help greatly in giving a smooth and natural look to your makeup, even when you are in the brightest sunlight.

Makeup For Beach Wedding

In other words, we can say that a beach wedding is actually a blending day for a bride, like blending your life with your partner and his family, and the same with blending your makeup too.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

A beach wedding can make your skin dehydrated as a result of excessive water loss from your skin due to salty air. In order to avoid being a victim of such a situation, the best way is to drink lots of water several days prior to your wedding day. It helps in minimizing water loss and keeps your skin hydrated.

Also, make sure to tone and moisturize your skin on the day of your wedding and let your moisturizer to get immersed into the skin for at least 20 minutes. If you feel like an excessive moisturizer left on your skin, simply dab it off gently using a cotton pad.

A Touch Of Blush

When you are going to apply makeup for a beach wedding, never misjudge the value of a touch of blush. It is highly powerful in giving an instant plus to your skin and makes it look more refreshed and rejuvenated.

No doubt powder blushes last in the heat, but you can also choose cream or gel blush and blend it perfectly into the skin with the help of your fingers as it gives you a glow that looks like your own.

Makeup For Beach Wedding

Do Lips In The Last

Many brides make a major mistake by applying the lipstick many hours before heading out to the wedding venue, which should always be the last part of the makeup. It gives you a chance to eat, drink, etc. without any fear of smudging or fading away.

Step by Step guide to apply makeup for your beach wedding

Now, we would like to share the beach wedding makeup step by step in brief.

  • To avoid applying too many products to your skin, you must use a lightweight moisturizer along with a primer. Let it sit for a minute to absorb before proceeding with other makeup steps.
  • Always select a foundation based on your skin type, like for oily skin, apply a foundation with a matte finish, and for dry skin, use a foundation with a dewy finish.
Step by Step guide to apply makeup
  • Apply powder with fine milled translucent formula, it will not only work effectively in setting your makeup and reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores as well, without making your skin heavy.
  • Layer the blusher with powder for the longest wear. For dry skin, you have to use a cream, while for oily skin you must go for a powder. Apply it one the high apple of your cheeks, not too close to the nose.
  • Contouring is something that gives your face a lift and lit, so use both a two-toned bronzer and a highlighter. Applying a lighter shade to the areas you want to highlight while darker shade on the areas where the sun puts its natural light.
  • Use eyebrows pencil to fill your thin brows. You can also use a brow gel to fix them in place and to get flattering full eyebrows.
  • You can define the lash line with false lashes having a natural look. Make your eye makeup completely tearproof by using a gel eyeliner and tube-like mascara.
  • Nude, red and pink tone lips make your bride look perfect. Using liquid lipstick ensures to work last all day long.


Following these tips and guide on how to apply makeup for beach wedding ensures you will look flawless on your big day.

Keep them in your mind while wearing makeup on your beach wedding day.