Makeup For Work From Home – Quick Ideas & Tips!

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Many women are working from home for a couple of months. Whether we are in the office or working from home, most women are self-conscious about their looks, especially when they have to attend Zoom meetings or other online video calls. It is very obvious that when it comes to business meetings through video calls or conferences, you just can’t sit in trousers and wear your hair in a bun.

The time has changed now when still many of us are working from home and attending Zoom conference calls. It is a time when you have to always look fresh, no matter what the meeting time is. So, it becomes important to swipe on some makeup.

Remember, here we are not talking about full-fledged eye makeup, you just need to get a natural, easy, and 5-minutes face beat. In this guide, you will learn some quick ideas and tips for makeup for work from home women. It will really be going to a game-changer to a great extent.

If you are working from home, then it is very important to look good and feel good as it helps a lot in giving you positive vibes and energy to work confidently. Do you want to look great for virtual meetings? Obviously, you will. We have covered quick makeup for work from home guidance and look your best.

Just get a few makeup products and 5-10 minutes to look presentable while working from home.

Ideas For Doing Makeup For Work From Home

Prep your skin

If you are self-conscious about your looks and skin, obviously, you have been focusing on your skincare on the regular basis. So, you will be quite familiar with this step. It is very important to prepare your skin before applying makeup. So, make sure to start with applying a thin layer of moisturizer after washing your face with a facewash. Preparing your skin is very important to getting a glowing base.

Makeup For Work From Home

Do your base

Getting a base is something that we can’t ignore in any way, even if you are on your laziest days. Simply get the best primer for your skin that will help evens out your skin tone. You can also go for a lightweight and moisturizing primer that works effectively doing your base. If you want more coverage for your video call, simply try using a bit more primer. But if you are doing makeup for just fun, then one layer is enough based on what type of primer you are using.

You can apply a light to medium coverage foundation or BB cream, whatever you have, and blend it properly using a blending sponge or a flat brush. If you are using a brush and want to get a blended finish, then going all over your face ensures that no streaks or lines are left. After this, pat some concealer under your eyes using your finger, but concealer is not always necessary to use.

When using a concealer, make sure to choose a color 1-2 shades lighter than the foundation. It helps in covering the discoloration and dark circles under your eyes perfectly. If you want the more luminous look, you can go for applying concealer on your forehead, bridge of your nose, and chin. Don’t forget to blend it well.

Add some color to your cheeks

To give some color to your cheeks before starting your Zoom meeting, simply apply blush onto the apples of your cheeks. For a natural finish, you require to make your blush look soft and well blended. So, the best tip for doing makeup for work from home is to get an easy-to-blend formula.

After this, you can use a bronzer of your choice that is applied under your cheekbones and along jawline.

Put the focus on eyebrows as well

Even if you want a minimal look, still it is necessary to work on your eyebrows. You can use a spoolie to brush up the eyebrows followed by filing your brows with a brow product. You can use powder or eyebrow pencil. The powder can be used to give a natural look, while eyebrow pencil works precisely. You can an eyebrow pencil from any brand to create hair-like quite simple.

Makeup For Work From Home

The goal of using eyebrow products is not just getting perfect brows, but also making them look a little more natural. You must put the main focus on the arch and tail of eyebrows and leave the front part of your eyebrows mostly untouched so that you can give a more natural look to your brows.

Add a touch of eyeshadow

When it comes to the makeup for work from home women, adding a touch of eyeshadow is completely an optional step. But, adding some neutral shades to your eyelids is something that enhances your look. If you are using a neutral eyeshadow palette, then make sure to apply some mascara on the upper and lower lashes. For video calls, black mascara will be the best bet. It helps in giving a little more definition to your lashes.

Always keep in mind that you should keep your eyes extremely simple while working from home. Using brighter shade is generally not a good idea when you are in a virtual meeting. But, brighter shades are the best choice for party makeup.

Finish your look with a lip balm

Now, at last, you have to finish this natural look with a pink or nude lip gloss or you can use a lip balm that complements your skin tone. You can use the lip balm of your preferred brand to give the perfect subtle tint to your lips.

Work From Home Makeup Essentials

Now, these easy-to-follow and simple steps of makeup for work from home will give you a flawless look in less than 5-10 minutes. Even if you don’t have enough time for makeup before your Zoom meeting, still you can easily take out 5 minutes to create a perfect look. These steps will definitely be going to helpful makeup ideas.

Let’s move further and know about work from home makeup essentials.

Must-have Work From Home Makeup Essentials

Are you working from home? If yes, then there have been many times when you are working on your computer or laptop at your own pace and suddenly you get a message from your client about the quick video call. What will you do?

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Obviously, you will get out of your pajamas and top (most women prefer this comfortable wear when they are at home). You will start looking for some professional-looking top and will also do some quick makeup with the aim to look presentable.

When you are working from home for the last few years, you must have some work from home makeup essentials that work wonders. These essentials must be there in the makeup cupboard of all women, especially for those who work from home.

These work from home makeup essentials are not just easy to apply, but give you a great look quickly. Now, with these essentials, you don’t need to spend more time looking presentable. You can pick and use these makeup essentials as per your personal makeup preference.

Lipstick – If you have just one minute to get ready for a video call

Just got a message from your client or your manager want to discuss something urgently on a video call? Obviously, you will not have enough time to put a full face makeup, just do lipstick. It will work wonderfully in changing your look. No need to worry at all if you have no time for makeup, just putting on lipstick works instantly in brightening up your complexion and make you look great.

Work From Home Makeup Essentials

You can choose any color of your choice, but it would be good not to put on too-bright lipstick. You have so many other colors that give you a gorgeous look without going overboard.

Alternatively, you can have tinted lip balm that can also be worn all day and every day. The lip balm works amazingly on your lips. It not only adds hydration to your lips but also helps in keeping them smooth and smooth.

Concealer –  Cover black circles and blemishes

If you have a little more to do makeup for work from home Zoom meeting, you can use an eraser to brighten your undereye area. This will help in covering your dark circles. The concealer is one of the great work from home makeup essentials that provide wonderful coverage and do not create creases under the eyes. The concealer can also be used to cover blemishes and get a flawless look.

Mascara – To brighten your eyes

If you have a little time to work on your eyes, you can use your eyelash curler and mascara to brighten your eyes. Both these work from home makeup essentials are great products that work great on opening up your eyes. Applying both these products will just take 1-2 minutes. It is better to use mascara that can be removed easily without giving you panda eyes.

Eyeliner – Have more time? Well, use it

Eyeliner is one of the favorite makeup products of many women. So, if you have more time to get ready for your video call, then putting on eyeliner will surely work great on your look. Eyeliner does not just brighten up your eyes but also makes your look awake. You don’t need to put a completely winged liner look, just try to keep it simple.

These given work from home essentials can be your true makeup products that are quite quick to use and work great. It would be good if you use all of these essentials as it will hardly take 5 minutes to get that perfect look for your Zoom meeting. Also, you can pick what works best for you as well as based on the time you have to get ready.

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Final Words

Now, with these easy steps of makeup for work from home as well as these work from home makeup essentials will definitely work fabulously on giving you a simple and presentable look on your video calls. Even if you have no time, just a lipstick/lip gloss and one layer of mascara will work amazingly.