Basic Tips For Application Of Makeup!

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Application Of Makeup For The Eyes

There are many girls who hesitate to put on makeup. They have been nurtured with this thinking that the chemicals present in the cosmetics will ultimately ruin their beauty, instead of granting what they promise. This is a very wrong belief which should be changed with time. Makeup does involve a lot of cosmetics and beauty products but opting for those products which have been clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists does not yield any side-effects. 

Moreover, precautions are taken to nullify the risk of any sort of damage to your skin. Makeup was invented to grant a perfect make over for all the girls and it successfully does its job. Only you need to be cautious regarding the product you add to your makeup kit and then intoxicate the entire world with your beauty. Here, are some tips that you should follow while Applying Makeup.

Application Of Makeup Foundation

Hide all the minuses of your face and for that you need to erase the dark circles and for that concealer is the best option. But, there is a way to apply concealer on the desired area only then you can get the desired results. You are required to slide down your chin and look straight in to the mirror. In this way you will get better access to the areas where you need to focus on.

Application Of Makeup For The Eyes

Apply foundation and remember while applying foundation on your face opt for downward strokes and make sure that you cover the entire face and blend it properly with the help of a brush, sponge or hand. The lines that appear near the jaws remember to cover them by rubbing it properly but gently on that portion.

Application Of Makeup

In order to apply blush first suck in your cheeks and then apply the color on your cheekbones extending up to the temples. You need to notice the lines of your bones and apply in accordingly. Make sure that you apply the same amount of color on both the sides.

While applying compact remember to fill your cheeks with air, this smoothens the wrinkles and the powder is applied properly without leading to any sort of accumulation of powder on any portion of the face.

Basic Application Of Makeup

Apply eye shadow onto the entire eyelid. Starting from the base to the lash line extending above the crease. For doing this you are required to look straight into the mirror while your head should be tilted backwards.