How To Do Full Face Makeup Using Natural Ingredients

Oct 22, 2017 by Hansy shah

Makeup is an important part of many women as well as men’s daily routines. It is one part of your everyday ritual that leaves you looking better and feeling more confident. It makes women look more presentable, helps them cover blemishes, spots or pimples on their skin while giving them an extra oomph factor due to the vibrant colour choices.

Makeup is the best way to spruce up an old or boring outfit. 

Due to the numerous chemicals that are added to makeup products, it has many adverse effects on the skin. One of the most common tips that amateur makeup users receive, is to make sure that they remove makeup as soon as they are back home or going to bed. This allows the skin to breathe and rejuvenate.

However, sensitive skin may react to products despite these precautions. This is why people with sensitive skin need to use natural products to do their makeup.

Full Face Makeup

How To Do Full Face Makeup

If you are wondering how to do full face makeup with natural products, here are methods to incorporate natural ingredients in your makeup routine.

Moisturise Your Skin

To make sure that the makeup stays on your skin and does not run or look cakey, it is important to have soft and supple skin. Moisturising your skin makes sure that your skin feels smoother and requires fewer products to even it out.

The fastest most natural way to achieve this result is to use tinted lotion. This will act as an alternative to foundation and give you the same flawless appearance without making your face look cakey.

Due to its sheer nature, you do not even need to look for the perfect shade to match your skin tone and you can even opt for a slightly darker shade to warm up your skin. 

Pigment Rich Concealer

To hide breakouts, blemishes and visible dark circles under your eyes, you should use a pigment-rich concealer to hide these flaws. Make sure you use as little product as possible. To hide marks, blemishes and spots, you can dab a little bit of concealer on the area and blend it well.

Build coverage in multiple thin layers to make sure you get it cover your dark circles, just swipe some product below your eyes and dab it in with your fingers. This helps you learn how to do full face makeup by making sure your base makeup is perfect.

Powder Through!

The best way to make sure your makeup sits right and looks flawless, it is important to use powder to make sure your makeup doesn’t run or remains unblended. If you have oily skin, use an oil-absorbing powder.

This is one of the oldest tricks on how to do full face makeup. Make sure to use your brush in a circular motion, this takes care of blending the makeup and brushing away any excess product. 

The Right Shade of Blush

To give your face a more natural look, it is advised that you use subtle yet warm shades for your blush. The best shades to invest in are warm peaches and pinks.these give your face a natural flush and make it look less artificial.

how to do Full Face Makeup

Most people prefer cool pinks but in reality, those shades just make you look more artificial. This is a great tip on how to do full face makeup. 


A soft brown shade should be chosen to enhance the natural contours of your eyelids. The right shade to pick would be a shade darker than your skin colour. Brush the product into the creases of your lower lash and make sure there are no hard edges.

You can also add a bit of sparkle to the centre of the lids, brow bones and inner corner of the eyes. This is how to do a full face of makeup without looking over the top. 

Dotted Lines

Lightly dot a soft grey pencil between the top lashes. This makes you look like you have a more defined lash line and make it seem like you have a fuller lash than you do in reality.

This also helps give your eyes some definition. This is one of the most overlooked yet important tips on how to do full face makeup. 

Lip Love

To make sure you can create a look that seems natural, pick the shade of lipstick that closely resembles your natural lip colour. Merge this into your lips with your fingers. Concentrate towards the centre and then slowly blend it out.

how to do Full Face Makeup

To make sure you create a natural appearance, apply the lipstick with your fingertips instead of applying it directly from the tube. This is a great time-saving tip on how to do full face makeup.

Enhance Your Lashes

Defined lashes are the most important part of a makeup routine. they are so versatile that you can even pull off a no-makeup look.

The best way to make your eyes pop and maintain a fairly natural look is to apply two layers on your top lashes and use a flat liner brush to apply to the roots and bottom lashes since covering the entire lash make it look unnatural. This helps you understand how to do full face makeup naturally. 


These tips help a user make sure that they apply as little product as possible. It also enhances the basic features of your face and makes you look like you don’t have any makeup on.

To make sure that you look naturally flawless, follow these tips and make sure that you are just hiding flaws and highlighting your features with makeup instead of covering your face with the product.

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