8 Makeup Essentials For Your Handbag

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Makeup Essentials For Every Woman

A li’l touch-up here and there will help you to look fresh and unexhausted all the time, and will make you appear more confident, especially if you are doing a corporate or media-related job. Here are the things which are more than essential to carry all the time with you…

Good Makeup Essentials

1. Face wash:

There are times when you feel your face has become too oily or sticky to the extent that it causes you discomfort. This is when your face wash acts like the perfect solution to help you feel fresher again. This is why you should always have this makeup essential in your bag without fail!

Makeup Essentials 2018

2. Face primer:

A primer helps to create a fine base before you can dab on the foundation on your face. Though you may think, a primer is not necessary and is just expensive, let us tell you that you should not skip this one.

A face primer helps your makeup to last longer and prepares your skin for the moisturiser/foundation that you would apply later. The bigger news is that, you can simply dab on some primer without any follow up! It would give you a simple no-make up look!

Makeup Essentials

3. Concealer/ brightening concealing stick:

This one helps to even out your skin tone and makes it appear flawless! It covers your age spots, dark circles, large pores and other blemishes, that helps your skin to look glowing!

It has a thicker texture that blends easily into your skin when you even it out with the help of a makeup brush. Remember to buy the shade that matches your skin tone.

Makeup Essentials For Everyday

4. Foundation/BB cream:

While some may prefer using a Best hand cream every day, others might prefer foundation. Where a BB cream can be applied using your hands, the foundation would require a rush to be applied. A BB cream also has a lighter texture.

No matter which one you choose, remember they help to even out your skin tone, and makes you look younger and brighter! Don’t forget to buy the one that matches your skin tone.

Makeup Essentials For Beginners

5. Kohl pencil/eyeliner:

Your eyes do all the talking on your behalf, and so it’s compulsory to keep them as your highlight all day long! Your eyeliner may not stay for elongated hours, and your kohl (kajal) may get smudged for so many reasons, so it is only wise to keep your eyeliner or kajal handy in your purse for a quick touch up anytime.

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6. Mascara:

A mascara only helps to make your eyes look sexier by adding length to your eyelashes. While you’d love to put on the waterproof mascara so that it stays for longer hours, let us tell you that it gets very hard to remove and is not advisable for everyday use. Buy the one that would give you the perfect curl and volume.


7. A versatile balm:

So you think your balm is only meant for your lips, then well, think again! Not only does an all-versatile salve or balm help to prevent your lips from drying out by keeping it smooth and moisturized, but it can also be used for so many other things! Like you can dab some balm on your unruly hair to tame them and stop the smaller strands from misbehaving.

You could also smoothen out your eyebrows by applying some balm over them. You can also apply it on your hands and feet when they feel overly dry! Again, you can rub some on your split ends to improve your hair texture.

8. Lip gloss/lipstick:

Your lips are undoubtedly the sexiest part of your face, and lipstick only helps to add to that! Your mouth has to do so much in a day- talk, eat, sing, and what not! No wonder your lipstick doesn’t last till the end of the day when you apply it in the morning.

So help your lips to shine and appear brighter with a lipstick/ lip gloss no matter where you are and at what time. Keep your matte/glossy lipstick ready in your purse all the time!

We are sure you already have these makeup products with you. If not, go shopping! Do not forget to place all of them in a nice and small makeup bag, and stuff it in your bigger handbag later! Cheers.

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