Makeup Essentials to save you Makeup Meltdowns

Mar 20, 2018 by nishal shah

Just when someone tries to prove to applying makeup is as easy as it seems, there comes a twist which is applying it with the much-required caution and products of higher value so that right after you have achieved yourself a look by your own, you don’t see it getting ruined making you look ugly at the first place. The following points will help you not fall into a situation like that.

1. Skin comes first: First of all, you need to cleanse your skin well in order to get rid of the excess oil by using a gentle cleanser. There are cleansers that dry the face but actually create more oil in your skin than required.

Makeup Essentials For Every Woman

The second activity to be taken into account is moisturizing the skin properly. Moisturizing is for summers too as it acts as a matte base for the makeup you will apply next. Without moisturizing, there are higher chances of oil production in your skin which is further going to make your skin appear like a hot mess.

2. Preparing your face with a Primer: Use a primer for your face which you can apply to your skin, lips, and eyes to extend the wear-ability of the makeup you will coat on those areas. But what is important is the coat of the primer which should be light so as to ensure the glow/shine is under control. The application of Primer reduces the chances of slipping away of makeup along with your sweat or when you use a hanky to dry off the face. Also the primer helps the makeup to soak into your skin better so that it stays longer. Primer is consider as one of the most important makeup essential.

3. Foundation to stay light: Choosing the perfect foundation for your skin is a hard task even if you minus the problem of shades, it is much about the type you choose when you are buying it during summers. Heavy foundations in the form of cream or liquid have higher chances of forming patches and then falling out of place. This is the reason why we suggest to always choosing light weight foundations in the form of either liquid or powder giving a matte look, as they resist sweat as well as excess oil off your skin. Applying it properly is another story as you need to stick to the regions that deserve some glow/shine like bridge alongside the nose, cheekbones and forehead by not overdoing it.

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4. Waterproof your eye essentials: Whatever your eye essential products like eyeliner, mascara, kohl etc. quote, that is smudge-proof, waterproof or sweatproof you need to stock exactly that. As you certainly won’t appreciate the fact that your kohl has smudged out of sweat making your eyes, as well as face, look miserable. Nobody wants to look like a panda as far as the face is concerned.

Makeup Essentials And Their Uses

5. Powders for a secured blush: Summertime is powder time; it is that time of the year when people long for powder more than liquid stuffs or creams. So, buy yourself powder blushes to glorify the cheeks even better. They endure heat far better than the creamy blushes and further help in preventing any sort of meltdown even if your face has been too much prone to heat. It is not quite well known makeup essential hack.

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6. Spray it to Set it: If you are done with makeup and ready to be taken off or walk out with the look, it’s time you head for a makeup setting spray. As it ensures the makeup stays at the right place in the right manner even if there is too much heat outside. So you got to spray it to set the look. Spray is one most underatted makeup essential.

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7. The Lip Color: Generally, it shouldn’t be about the colors that you need to choose something which stays. It is more about the type you choose, instead of opting for glosses during the day time of summers which probably accounts for the hottest time, you should choose matte irrespective of the color discrimination.

Tips to reduce the chances of looking like a sweaty mess: –

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  • If you are about to use a hanky or tissue to get rid of the sweat, then don’t rub it on your skin as then the chances are you rub your makeup as well, pat it off.
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  • While applying makeup, sit under a fan or near an air conditioner as the cool environment makes sure the makeup stays for longer hours.