Kail Valagoth

work from home makeup

Makeup For Work From Home – Quick Ideas & Tips!

Kail Valagoth

Many women are working from home for a couple of months. Whether we are in the office or working from ...

christmas makeup ideas

Best Makeup Ideas for Christmas to Try This Season

Kail Valagoth

It is almost the holiday season and along with the festive season comes a ton of preparation for the merry ...

Makeup Tips for Chubby Face

Makeup for Chubby Face – Make Your Face Look Slimmer

Kail Valagoth

Just because you have a chubby or round face does not mean you cannot make out the best from your ...

How To Apply Concealer

How To Apply Concealer – A Step By Step Guide

Kail Valagoth

We all know that foundation works great in even out the skin tone, but sometimes just applying foundation is not ...

Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Women In The World

Kail Valagoth

Diversity makes our world complete and alive, where without black we cannot even imagine its beauty. So, black is always ...

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