Makeup For Black Women – Tutorial to Get Stunning Looks!

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Gone are the days when dark-skinned women hardly got anything over the internet to improve their makeup skills. These days you can find plenty of tutorials for black women to apply makeup in the right way.

Everyone loves graphic liner, smokey eyes, and a perfect look, no matter whether you are going to attend a virtual meeting from your home or going to attend some occasion.

You might have found a number of beauty influencers for different types of skin colors. But, there is a lack of influencers speaking about makeup for black women. Here, we are going to share step by step makeup tutorial for black women so that they can get the right tip about makeup and gain the confidence they deserve.

Makeup Tutorial for Black Women

Through this tutorial, we aim to celebrate women of any skin color. With this, we are reaching to the beautiful dark-skinned women with the best makeup looks.

Let’s start a makeup tutorial for black women with the following steps.

Get The Right Foundation

If you get attracted to the glowing skin of celebrities, you must know that no one has perfect skin every time. Foundation works like magic in this situation and helps greatly in smoothing the flaws. The right foundation works effectively in creating a natural canvas for other makeup applications.

It is very important to match the foundation with your skin tone. If you get confused in choosing the right foundation, you can also use a foundation shade finder to find the shade of your skin as well as the undertones under your natural skin shade.

Identifying the right undertone plays a great role in matching the right shade as it defines the underlying shade of your complexion. You must know the exact color of your skin and undertones to find the best foundation shade for your skin. It will not only help in covering your skin unnaturally but will also enhance your skin.

Previously, it was difficult for women to find the right foundation that matches their skin tone perfectly, even if they were familiar with their undertones. The main reason is the lack of products available for these skin tones. But now, things have changed completely. Now, you can easily find different foundations due to the availability of plenty of such products in the market.

The different foundation shades can match perfectly to a range of darker skin tones and give you great makeup looks for black women.

Use Foundation Brush

Once you get the matched foundation, now you have to apply the foundation. Some women find it easy to apply the foundation after knowing the exact way to use it. For this, you first require to apply the foundation across your face. You can use liquid or stick foundation, whatever you have.

Then, you have to start from the center of the face and start merging it outwards in circular motions using a foundation brush. Make sure to buff the foundation with your skin tone until it blends completely. You need to ensure that it should be blended evenly all through your face and looks natural.

When looking for makeup for black women, keep in mind that the foundation should be applied perfectly to set the makeup to last all day.

Apply Layers For Fuller Coverage

At some point in our life, we think that our skin needs a little more to get that glow it normally has. Similarly happens when it comes to the makeup looks for black women. When you feel like having greater coverage, you require using a buildable foundation that helps greatly in achieving a desired level of coverage.

Suppose you want to have a lighter coverage, apply a small amount of product and blend it evenly using a brush. For fuller coverage, you need to apply more products and go across your face a few times. Always keep in mind that working a makeup product in layers can help in getting fuller coverage.

You can apply a foundation primer before using a foundation that works effectively in making it stay perfect all day long. If you have oily skin and looking for makeup for black women, using a primer will be quite helpful for you.

Use Concealer

If you have unwanted blemishes or even out discoloration on your face, you must use concealer to cover up these discoloration issues. You must use a concealer for dark skin that can blend easily with your skin tone and foundation.

perfect makeup for black women.

You have to apply a concealer on areas where you have uneven skin tone or discoloration or the areas you want to cover. You must also focus on T-zone i.e., the area on your nose and across the forehead. No matter whether you have smooth skin or you want to give some more to your makeup looks for black women, you can use a concealer to highlight your features.

Concealer can be applied under your eyes, above cheekbones, and on the chin to highlight these areas. Now, similar to the foundation, you have to buff the concealer using a brush. Make sure that a concealer should be blended perfectly into your foundation and give you smooth coverage.


Many women think that contouring is an intimidating thing when it comes to the makeup tutorial for black women. You should be never afraid of trying it out. With the help of simple tips, you can contour your face perfectly. These tips will help you to apply contour like a pro and make you look natural.

The main aim of contouring is to give shape to your face and soften some areas. For contouring, you should choose one shade darker than your foundation. Apply it carefully on both sides of the temples, dips of your cheeks as well as under your jaw. Then, blend it like a pro.

Make sure that it should be blended properly because it is very important to ensure that additional makeup is enhancing your features and does not make you look unnatural. Similar to applying a foundation, you can contour lightly or heavier to create a softer or more dramatic look, respectively.

Apply Bronzer and Blush

When we talk about a basic makeup routine, bronzer and blush are two key applications that are easy to apply. Both these components are effectively used to add color and shape to your face.

Take a dust bronzer to enhance the makeup looks for black women and apply it along both sides of the face, dips of your cheeks as well as along your nose. For this, you have to use another brush and apply blush onto the apple of your cheeks. If you don’t know where to apply blush, simply smile, and you will get rounded cheekbones.

Work on Eyebrows

If you are looking for the perfect makeup looks for black women, then one of the main secrets of achieving your makeup goal is not to avoid eyebrows. Always keep in mind that our eyebrows help greatly in highlighting your eyes. Also, they need not be colored or get into a powerful shape to have an impact.

Whether you shape your eyebrows from a professional or do it yourself at home, you must have a perfect arc so that you can have a baseline for coloring. It will help in defining the shape of your eyebrows easily using pencil, powder, or brow gels.

Apply Eye Makeup

When it comes to makeup for black women, an eyeshadow palette with nudes and neutrals shades will be perfect for eye makeup. You must get an eyeshadow palette having several nude shades as it will be great for all occasions, from the office to the night party.

makeup for black women.

You must start with applying the lightest shade of the eyeshadow over the eyelid. Then, apply a medium shade to the crease of your eyes and blend upwards. Now, apply a little darkest color in the corner of the eyes at the crease.

Once you are done with the eyeshadow, you have to apply mascara and eyeliner for the final touch to your eyes. Apply eyeliner at the lash line both above as well as below the eye. Then, apply mascara starting from the lash line to the end of the lashes

Lip liner, Lipstick, or Lipgloss As The Last Step

If you are a beginner and want to get great makeup looks for black women, you don’t need to use all three products – lip liner, lipstick, and lipgloss. You can find plenty of lipstick products available in the market.

Whether you want to apply a nude, red, or any other bold lip color, it is important to find your skin undertones to get an idea that which shade will match your skin the best. You can use a lip liner to outline your lips and then apply your desired lip color. Also, keep in mind that a lip liner should have a lighter color than your lipstick.

You can also try using a lip primer before applying lipstick or lipgloss.

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Final Words

This makeup tutorial for black women will make your journey of learning perfect makeup more exciting. Never take it too challenging, and try to make your makeup fun and easy to use.

Enhance your natural beauty and gain confidence with the perfect makeup for black women.