How to Shape Eyebrows and Some Eyebrow Waxing Tips

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How to shape eyebrows

Eyebrows can be tricky to style as it is one of the most difficult parts of your makeup. Not only this, the shape of your brows makes a great difference in your appearance. It changes your whole look and can be shaped to make sure that they draw attention from problem areas in your face.

How to Shape Eyebrows and Some Eyebrow Waxing Tips

There are several ways to make sure your eyebrows look perfect. Here are tips on how to shape eyebrows to make sure you do not mess your eyebrows.

Leave Them Alone

The most common mistake that amateurs make is to shape their eyebrows very often. This doesn’t allow them to grow to their full size and then they cannot be styled properly.  

The longer you let them grow, you will be able to see their natural shape and reach their full potential. Constant shaping of your brows tends to an uneven growth and leads to a bad shape for a longer duration, which also causes thinning of the brow. 

Laid Back Shape

Create the right shape for your face with these tips on how to shape eyebrows:

  • Find the beginning of your brows by holding a brow pencil vertically. 
  • Around the middle of each nostril mark a small spot for later reference. 
  • Pivot the pencil to the outside of your eyeball to find your arch and make a mark at this spot. 
  • To find the tail end of your arch, swing the pencil until it touches the outer corner of your eye and mark it with your pencil.

Snip Them Right

Give your eyebrows a trim while making sure you don’t do it more regularly than once in six weeks. You want to cut down the long hairs without giving your eyebrows shorter than the usual crop. 

Brush hair up with spoolie and taking just one hair at a time, trim the very long strands of hair.

Calm your Skin

To prepare for the plucking process, gently massage a generous amount of your favorite facial oil on the brow bone. This will lubricate your skin and strengthen your hair follicles, preventing hair from breaking, and take the edge off the skin’s sensitivity from the tweezing process. 

Clean it Up

You can rely on waxing to make sure your eyebrows look great. There are many tips to help you do so. Yet, a set of tweezers is a better option. 

To get the most painless pluck, tweeze your hair in the direction of your hair growth. Always do this in the natural daylight and do not use a magnifying mirror.

Start by plucking any stray hairs beneath the two dots at the beginning of your brows. Then, the strays beneath your arch are to be plucked in the same manner. 

Calm the Irritation

Since plucking can irritate your skin, so to calm any irritation and tighten pores, simply apply a cooling gel to get rid of redness caused by the plucking of your eyebrows.

Fuller Finish

If you have some sparse spots, you can fake a bolder brow by using a brow pencil. Just feather in some hair in a shade that matches your natural brow color on those areas and then comb it through with a clear brow gel.

Fact check

If you are on medication, especially a medication like Accutane or retinol, consult a doctor before waxing your eyebrows. This is one of the most overlooked eyebrow waxing tips. 

Similarly, if you have a skin problem, make sure you don’t exacerbate your condition or worsen any skin issues you may have with this salon treatment.

No makeup

Another one of the most underrated eyebrow waxing tips is that you should not allow makeup near a freshly waxed eyebrows. It can clog the open pores that have been left behind after waxing and hence it may lead to an acne breakout. 

Don’t touch it

Another one of the best eyebrow waxing tips is to make sure you don’t touch your brows too often after you wax them. Since pores and hair follicles will be open after waxing, like any other open wound, you will have to make sure that you do not infect it. 

Touching your eyebrows right after waxing can often lead to infection and pimples. This will cause your skin to look old and dull. So, to avoid this problem, you can simply wipe your forehead and dab your freshly waxed eyebrows with a cotton ball dipped in antiseptic liquid. 

Use Warm Water

There are several tips about how to shape your eyebrows but not many about the precautions you should take before you pluck or wax your eyebrows. 

Splash your face with warm water to open up your hair follicles so that the whole process will be less painful. For the same reason, it is ill advised to take a hot water shower right after waxing your eyebrows. This opens your pores and makes your freshly shaped eyebrows more vulnerable to infections. 


With these tips on how to shape eyebrows and eyebrow waxing tips, one cannot go wrong while creating the perfect look for themselves. 

Make sure you follow these tips to ensure that you do not have very thin and frail looking eyebrows. It will help you shape your eyebrows correctly and make sure that your eyebrows compliment your face structure.

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