Makeup Tips For Darker Skin Tone

Jun 03, 2019 by Kail Valagoth

Not all people are the same, whether we talk about their behavior, personality, style, attitude, dressing sense, beauty or fashion; each person is different from others. Hence, when it comes to people with different skin tones, their clothing, hairstyle, and makeup, all have their own specific set of requirements and preferences based on their skin tone.

Makeup Tips For Darker Skin

Women with darker skin tone can be seen more conscious about their look and beauty where most of them want to look fair and beautiful; as a result, they end up covering their face with too much makeup so that they can hide their natural dark skin. It is not a good idea at all. You must accept everything that God has gifted you in a positive way because darker women have their own natural beauty that cannot be compared with anyone.

Makeup Tips For Darker Skin

As we are here to share some makeup tips for darker skin, we would like to tell you that purchasing and applying the right makeup can make a huge difference to your appearance. So, let’s start with makeup tips for dark skin tones women that will help them to enhance their natural beauty.

Apply Moisturizer

If you are a woman with dark skin and facing skin dryness issues from a long time, obviously your skin looks ashy if it is not moisturized properly. It is always advised to apply the right moisturizer after a shower and even after washing your face after waking up in the morning.

moisturizer For Dark Skin

The rightly chosen moisturizer plays a great role in keeping your face and overall body well-hydrated, which is very important to have a clear, healthy and glowing dusky skin.

Don’t Skip Using Sunscreen

Some women usually skip applying sunscreen while going out in the sun, because they believe that the skin with darker complexion will not get affected by the harmful sun rays. It is one of the common mistakes that most of the dusky skinned women end up with.

sunscreen for dark skin

No matter what your skin tone is, all of you require using an appropriate sunscreen to prevent your skin from any kind of damage resulting from exposure to the sun. At the same time, make sure to choose the right sunscreen based on your skin type.

Choose a Foundation That Matches Your Skin Tone

While choosing a foundation, always keep in mind that your foundation should match your natural skin tone. To apply it properly on your dark skin, you should apply the lighter shade on the center of your face and natural shade on the other areas of the face.

Foundation Makeup Tips For Darker Skin

Using two shades of the foundation is one of the highly recommended makeup tips for darker skin because it makes your face look brighter. You must avoid choosing transparent powder as it may leave your skin with grayish touch, so make sure to choose the right foundation for you that hides discolorations in a proper way.

Apply Concealer Rightly

We all want to hide those dark circles under the eyes, blemishes and uneven skin tone with the help of makeup. For that, concealer is used to counteract these unwanted areas on your face. So, the best idea of using concealer is to apply it to the tops of the cheekbones while moving towards the tips of eyebrows. It not only helps in reducing dark circles but also works great in attracting the light by bringing hotness to those areas.

concealer Makeup Tips For Darker Skin

Choose Two Shades Deeper Bronzer

How can we forget applying the bronzer rightly when discussing makeup tips for dark skin tones? Actually, it acts as a staple diet that helps greatly in making your skin look fresh and glowing, no matter how much high temperature is outside.

In order to get a perfect bronze look, you must choose two shades deeper than your actual tan shade. Also, make sure not to use bronzer all over your face. Always apply it in a C formation to have that neat and more refined look.

Eye Makeup

You cannot take your eye makeup lightly as it is something makes your eyes attractive and enhance your overall look. When you are planning for a casual outing or any daytime event, you must go for subtle eye shadows rather than vibrant or bright colors. The eye shadows such as brown, pink and gray go perfectly with your dark skin tone and can easily complement with mascara.

Eye Makeup Tips For Darker Skin

For formal or evening events, you can go for blue, purple, green, burgundy, prunes, and browns as they look amazing on your natural dark skin. Playing with colors would be a great idea to be experimental and find what looks amazing on your face.

Choose The Right Lipstick

Choosing a lipstick that goes perfect with your skin tone is really a challenging task. You cannot wear any shade or color just because you feel it will complement your look. Some dark-skinned women choose a lipstick color depending on their outfits.

lipstick Makeup Tips For Darker Skin

Coffee, chocolate, soft pink, berry, burgundy, and plums are some of the lipstick colors that look fabulous on your face. Avoiding glossy and frosty finish lipsticks is recommended as one of the must-to-follow makeup tips for dark skin tones.

Get Blush Going

If you want some glowing finish, you can use blush with shades such as bronze, coral, deep orange, wine, rose and other darker shades to complement your skin tone.

Some additional tips

  • Try to keep your makeup as less as you can.
  • Try to go for powder-based makeup products to avoid making your skin look oily or greasy.
  • For evening events, go for colored eye-liner to enhance your eyes.
  • Make sure to blend all layers well.


The secret of perfect makeup lies behind the right selection of makeup products as well as how you apply them on your face. Hope, these makeup tips for darker skin will help you to get a perfect look.

Keep these tips in mind when next time you get ready for any casual or formal event.