The 5 Different Ways In Which You Can Apply A Concealer

Aug 28, 2017 by Hansy shah

Concealer can be one of the most versatile Makeup Products if you just know how to put it to good use with the Right Makeup Application Techniques.

Here are some Concealer Makeup suggestions for you to try out:

1. Prime your eyes before dramatic eye makeup

You want to brighten up your eyes but a highlighter would appear too gaudy for a day time Makeup Look, right? Trust your good old concealer to take care of all your makeup woes.

Apply Concealer Correctly

Apply a little concealer on your upper eyelid and use your finger to blend it in. Not only will it ensure that your eye shadow stays on for a longer time but would also make the color of your eyes pop.

2. Hide your scars and blemishes

The list would be incomplete if we didn’t state how to use concealer for its original purpose. You can dab a green corrector concealer on your skin to remove all signs of redness. However, remember that Concealer Makeup works best if you apply it before putting on the Foundation Cosmetics.

Apply Concealer Foundation

3. Contour with your concealer

Contouring was amongst the major Makeup Trends in the last year. But sometimes you might want to go for a softer look, even though it might be chiseled. One of the most treasured makeup concealer tricks that beauticians abide by is to use the concealer stick to contour your face.

Apply Liquid Concealer

You can accomplish the apparently impossible feat by utilizing two different concealer shades. Apply the lighter shade to the points of your face that are high, like your cheekbones, your nose and forehead. The darker shade should be applied near your hairline and on your lower jawline. Give some light strokes of translucent powder over it to ensure that it lasts long.

Best Way To Apply A Concealer

4. Use concealer to form the base of your lipstick

Dabbing on a little bit of concealer before you start applying the lip color not only smoothens out the fine lines but also makes the color last all day long.

How Apply A Concealer

5. Hide your dark circles

The moment you are in your mid-20s, fine lines and dark circles start to appear in your under-eye region.Makeup concealer can help you hide those little flaws and imperfections if you just know how to utilize it. Use a brush to apply it from the inner corner of your eyes to the spot just above your cheekbone. You will magically have a fresh, dewy face.

By incorporating all these methods to use concealer makeup into your beauty routine, you can ensure that you get your money’s worth and look beautiful at the same time.