The Hottest Celebrity Makeup Tips As Revealed By The Beauty Magicians

Aug 29, 2018 by Nilesh Patel

The one thing common amongst all tinsel town divas is their flawless appearances on various red carpet events which never fails to stun makeup aficionados around the globe by ushering in hot in new trends and opening up more possibilities. Today we will provide you with a sneak peak of these celeb inspired makeup styles which can transform you into an absolute diva in no time.

  • Prior to applying foundation, you can dab some of your favorite blush for imparting a natural look and feel. A warm pink glow can suit every single complexion. A flush of pink or any other shade belonging to the red family portrays the effect of blood coming to the surface. Hues pertaining to the orange family such as coral and peach need to be applied on highest point of the cheekbone for imitating the effect of rising heat. As per celebrity makeup tips, you can wrap up the look with some matte bronzer specifically on those zones where sunlight kisses the face such as bridge of nose, cheekbone forehead and chin. Makeup Moghuls hint at layering a gel formula under bronzer or powder if you wish for the blush to stay on for longer spans of time.
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  • Blending in your moisturizer with the foundation can be of great help in lightening your coverage options especially if you are using a fuller coverage foundation. You can thicken up the same by mixing in some loose powder. However you need to be careful about not adding too much since that increases its possibility of caking.
  • Celebrity makeup tips suggest mixing some pearly white or golden eyeshadow with your foundation for nailing a luminous skin effect which imparts radiance to your complexion beyond compare.
  • You can apply some corn starch to your facial skin prior to applying foundation if you don’t have a face primer handy and wish to tackle the excessive oil in your skin.
  • Your complexion products such as concealer and foundation need to match the inside of your arm and not the back of your hand.
  • The most common fail when it comes to cheek contouring is not bringing the contour shade to your hairline, aside from being unable to blend it properly. You need to direct the contour color towards the outside of your mouth by going all the way from the inside of your hairline.
  • A concealer brush is always a better option than covering up the blemishes by moving your finger in quick and short motions as its tapered bristles can get into the blemish crevices in a much better way than your fingers. As per celebrity makeup tips, you need to ensure that your concealer is crafted using zit-zapping salicylic acid having two separate formulas pertaining to cover-up and zit cream so that it does all the good work without feeling sticky and heavy on your skin. Last but not the least, a skin-tone matching powder can be used for setting everything in place.
  • If you feel that your highlighter is subtle, then you can enhance its impact by adding a layer of cream highlighter under the powder version. The cream needs to be applied first up to your temple starting from the apple of your cheek by blending it in outward and upward direction which needs to be followed by dusting on some powder on the same spots.
  • You can nail that dewy look by accentuating the moisturizing level of your foundation. Celebrity makeup tips suggest at squeezing a few drops of foundation on the back of your hand and spritzing some super-hydrating rose water. Your fingers or a foundation brush can be used for mixing it all together prior to its usual application.
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  • While wearing highlighter or bronzer on your face, you should be extra cautious about sweeping the same across your cleavage, neck and shoulders if you are thinking of exposing the same with your sultry outfit choice. A big and fluffy brush can aid in its application as you cover up all the exposed areas for a seamless finish.
  • Wont it be lovely if we told you that you could attain those picture-perfect puckers every time you stepped out of house! Well as per celebrity makeup tips you can do just the same by undergoing a quick “lip facial” prior to application of lipstick as that will help in smooth distribution of the product. You will first have to clean your lips using a makeup-removing wipe and buff away all dry skin cells with a lip scrub. A lip mask can be slathered on after all of these steps at least for a minute. This effective routine which can be followed by spending just two minutes of your time can help your lip color in looking dazzling and even throughout the day.
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  • You can lift up the eyelid using the brush handle at the base of the lashes for rolling up your lashes. In this way, you can wiggle the mascara wand for pulling through clumps in a precise and clean manner. Popping some eye lotion in an icebox and applying the same atop the lids prior to proceeding with eye makeup can be of great help in reducing puffiness and dark circles.
  • We usually apply mascara starting from the root to the tip of our eyelashes. You can however double up the length, volume and drama by applying in on the top side of your lashes first. In this way, you can nail a much lusher look which can be followed up by layering some on the underside.
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  • The longevity of the mascara can be increased by adding in a few drops of saline solution to a tube and swirling around the brush. This movement helps in adding moisture to the formula by reinvigorating the same. According to celebrity makeup tips, mascara should always be applied prior to liquid liner for making it easy to create the perfect cat-eye flick.
  • You can scrape away years from your face and brighten it up instantaneously by dabbing on some luminizer in the inner corners and swooping up the same underneath the eye using a fan brush.
  • A discussion on celebrity makeup tips remains incomplete as long as we do not speak about lip plumping glosses which are increasingly been sported by B-town divas on various red carpet events. But if you don’t want to deal with sticky lips or sport a wet look, then you can use the plumping gloss like a mask. For this you will have to apply a generous coat of lip plumping gloss on your lips and leave it on for about ten minutes before wiping it away and dabbing your usual lipstick. This can activate the plumping effect without making your lipstick look glossy or sticky.
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  • Makeup pioneers often make use of half-moon shaped cotton shadow shields which come with adhesive on one side for creating a smoky eye effect without splattering the dark eyeshadow powders all over your cheeks. You will just have to stick them underneath your lower lashes for catching any shadow fallout and peel it off subsequently as you achieve the desired level of smoky.
  • A freshly sharpened pencil can help you in nailing a super-precise over line as it grazes seamlessly over your skin and is much easier to control compared to a stubby blunt tip.
  • You can neutralize the lip tone by dabbing some color corrector all over your lips for making the lip color more vibrant. Rather than the back of your hand it is advisable to test the lipstick shade on the inside of your fingertip. A flesh toned eyeliner can be used for outlining the lips along the Cupid’s bow as this makes your lip look fuller by reducing chances of feathering.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your shine on and flaunt the celeb inspired looks like an absolute pro!