Hacks To Nail A Naturally Flawless Look Using Light Makeup

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Some occasions call for a natural look. But the last thing you would want the whole world to see are your dark spots, acne, and other facial blemishes. This is where light makeup can come to your rescue by imparting an impeccable look by enhancing your best features. Today we shall take you through the intricacies of natural-looking makeup which can serve you right for everyday wear.

  • It is extremely crucial to create the perfect base at the very onset of your makeup drill. After all we would hardly wish to proceed with a painting if the canvas is dirty. Moisturizing can be of great help in such cases as it aids in hydrating your skin and promoting various anti-ageing benefits. It can also even out your skin tone for creating a perfect palette for the rest of your makeup to take shape. Makeup experts feel that it is imperative to change the moisturizer in accordance with the season so that you don’t end up wearing a puffer coat during the summer season.
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  • Next you will have to conceal away all fine lines, dark circles and other blemishes using a concealer so that your skin radiates with all its might by getting rid of imperfections. Expert professionals suggest application of concealer only on those areas which you wish to cover up rather than your entire face for a natural look. Although it might feel tempting to go over-the-top with concealer, it might lead to caking and ashy under eyes. For ensuring a more natural look, you need to look yourself in the eye while applying the same so that you conceal only those blemishes which can be noticed within peripheral vision. While talking to us, people look us at our eye and thus cannot make out the imperfections which we cannot see by ourselves.
  • For conjuring the illusion of light makeup, it is advisable to opt for an airy liquid or powder foundation using a sponge or brush so that you can benefit out of a non-streaky and even look.
  • You need to keep your under eyes looking natural and concealed at the same time if you wish to maintain the shadow created by your bottom lashes for preventing the area from looking flat. For this, you can opt for a sheer concealer only in the deepest hollows under your eyes and its inner corner rather than going all the way up to your eye lashes.
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  • Cream blushes can serve as the perfect pick for creating a subtle or dramatic look according to your requirements as they can be rubbed and blended easily with your skin. The blush colors might vary depending on the color of your skin but peach hues usually look good on everyone. You will have to blend it to your natural cheekbone line in the place where pink undertones can normally be seen. A slight grey shade having a delicate shadow of warmth in the same can be applied on the cheeks and along the cheekbones using an angled blush brush. This can impart a slightly sculpted yet sophisticated look which doesn’t go over the top.
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  • Neutral colors can be swept over your eyelids for nailing a muted yet beautiful light makeup look. Opt for a color which is a few shades darker than your skin tone. However, you need to note here that applying a shade which is too dark might cause a dramatic eye makeup which will look anything but natural.
  • Light pinks, sand and peach colors can serve as a perfect pick for lip color. You can also proceed with a little gloss if you wish to keep your overall appearance simple.
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  • A thin layer of mascara can serve you well for completing the light makeup look. In this way, your eyes will open up and stand out if you have light lashes. However, application of mascara becomes a strict no-no if you have full lashes and wish to keep the whole look natural.
  • A fluffy shadow brush and taupe blush can be used for working the shade on the crease of your eye for imparting greater definition to the same. You can also line your eyes using a black liquid liner but the trick lies in doing the same in a subtle manner for adding just enough definition without coming out as too much.
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Your brows might look fake if you fill it in a solid manner. In reality, natural looking brows have fine gaps. Thus, you will be required to create fine strokes in the direction of hair growth if you wish to maintain a natural look. Rather than opting for a pencil or powder, it is advisable to use a pen for nailing the light makeup look.

When it comes to adding a dash of color to your lips, rub some onto your finger and blot it on your lips rather than applying it directly onto the lips.

We usually impart a lot of importance to the makeup labels which prohibits us from making the most out of the diverse options available ahead of us. So open up your possibilities and say hello to newer products that can help you in creating flawless looks like never before.

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