Right Brow Shape Makes You Look As A Celebrity

May 16, 2017 by Hansy shah

Well-shaped eyebrows often do the trick of bringing a positive change to the look of your face. Perfectly flawless brows may allow you to appear sexier and younger. In fact, a woman, who never has trimmed her brows, may have a dull, untidy look. Thus, when you look for Beauty Tips For Face, consider your brow shape as a part of it. Perhaps, your natural brows are not deep or very irregular in shape. It’s not a problem, if you ask your beautician to modify your brow pattern, according to your face.

A fatter or broader face? Make it thinner by shaping eyebrows –

Round shaped faces seem to appear much wider. If you have such face, there is possibly no presence of angles at any point. Don’t think that you always look dull with this facial motif. Make your Eyebrows shaped in such a way that your face has the impression of a thinner contour.

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It’s good to stretch your facial profile as much as possible. It may be done easily with an arched brow design. For rounder face, keep away from soft or gentle arches. While you like to have harder angles in your brow, straighten the eyebrow line and bend a little at the rim. It shows up your two eyes, besides making a thinner shape to your face.

Oval face- What eyebrow shape should you choose?

You are one of the luckiest women to have oval face because any brow pattern and Hairstyle may flatter this face. Keep your eyebrows tidy and allow them to stay along original curve. A softer arch along with little angle may be the better option.

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Square shaped face with lots of twists-

Your face has prominent angles, and so, you may try to make a balance simply by making your eyebrow much angled. Besides, your tough jaw can also be compensated with these brows. To mitigate a rough line along jaw, keep your brows curved and rounded, they must arch softly.

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Right eyebrows for oblong shaped face-

Your target is to get shorter appearance to your face appear shorter. Have a straight eyebrow with almost no arch to have a smoother look.

Thus, shape your eyebrows perfect for your facial shape. A professional may give you more ideas on how to adjust your brows in accordance with your own face. You will ready to attend any party with proper eyebrows.

I hope you loved tips about how to shape eyebrows and you’ll tell your friends or others who love to have a attractive eyebrows.  Get more ideas here.

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