Summer Beauty Tips To Keep You Glowing Like A Divine Goddess

Aug 25, 2018 by Nilesh Patel

As summer season makes its mark and we get ready to flaunt our toned abs in a brand-new swimsuit, it’s time to sit back and ponder over the horror which is in store for our skin waiting to get unleashed in the upcoming months. Although the season of sunshine opens up newer possibilities when it comes to experimenting with our closet, it can also pave the path for pigmentation, dark spots, tanning and wrinkles. By taking such things into consideration, we have collated some expert prescribed summer beauty tips which can help you in keeping your cool and beating the heat like an absolute pro.

Moisturizing is absolutely essential during summer months since the extreme heat might dehydrate your body thus making your skin go dry. Dry skin as we all know is vulnerable to further damage making it imperative to butter it up for preventing the moisture loss.

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Summer beauty tips also list out the benefits of moisturizer for acting as a barrier for bacteria, pollutants and sunburn. You should opt for a gel/water based non-greasy moisturizer containing Vitamin E and slather it on your skin every day for keeping it supple and moisturized.

Exfoliation serves as the ground rule of basic skincare as it gets rid of the skin cells which is shed by our body thus preventing our skin from looking dry and dull. Irrespective of the amount of lotion applied on your body, you can never make your skin glow unless you start exfoliating prior to moisturisation. Summer beauty tips hint at grabbing a body scrub and rubbing it gently in circular motion on your entire body starting from your shoulders and rinse cleaning subsequently. This step needs to be taken up about 2-3 times weekly if you wish to have glowing and soft skin throughout the year. Make sure to strike the right cord of balance between market-bought and homemade exfoliators for bringing out that ethereal glow.

Sunscreens come with limited shelf life. Thus, if you have some left from last year, it is advisable to throw away the same and bring home a brand-new bottle having UVA and UVB protection. As a rule of thumb, a full teaspoonful of sunscreen is considered ideal for your face whereas a short glass full is considered ideal for your entire body. For making the most out of our summer beauty tips, you need to reapply the sunscreen every 1-2 hours for braving the sun god without worrying about the harmful ultraviolet rays wreaking havoc on your skin.

Less is more when it comes to applying makeup during the hot and humid summer months. Natural looks thus rank high on the ladder of desirability if you are attending any outdoor ceremony. Makeup has a tendency to melt and the last thing you would want your friends to see is a face with tumbling foundation, eyeshadows and mascara. Make sure to apply some face powder having SPF content after going through your foundation routine if you wish to avoid patchy skin. A lip balm having SPF 15 content can help in imparting greater freshness to your lips during the scorching summer months.

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Summer sweat can cause out body cells to lose water quickly. Thus, it is imperative to stay well hydrated during the summer months by drinking at least 8 glasses of water and fresh fruit juices on a daily basis. If possible, carry along a water bottle and drink water on the passage of every half an hour. Apart from making you feel fresh, water can also help in flushing out toxins and preventing dehydration which ultimately reveals that inner glow.

Pack away the winter body butters and say hello to the lightweight summer lotions having fast absorbing formula. A fruity puree or gel can be applied right after coming out of the shower and towel-drying your body since this is the perfect time for sealing in the moisture which has just been soaked by your body.

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Products which are prone to blocking skin pores are an absolute no-no during the summer months as clogging of pores might lead to infections, irritations and even acne breakouts. Thus, you daily skin care routine needs to be constituted of non-comedogenic products.

Aloe Vera can serve as your ultimate best friend during the summer months as it offers versatile uses as a soothing balm which can cool off your skin after spending a long day under direct sunlight. Aloe Vera also packs in moisturizing and anti-inflammatory attributes thus calming your skin and nourishing it from the core. Its antioxidant content also helps in protecting the skin from further damage. You can take your pick from the large number of aloe vera products readily available in the market or pluck a fresh aloe vera and scoop out the gel from the leaf for being applied directly on your skin.

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Summer seasons call for those fun-filled pool parties where you might get the chance to finally show off those toned thighs and killer abs. The first thing you need to ensure before donning a sexy swimsuit is to wax your bikini line. But you should get it done a few days ahead of your pool party and make sure not to immediately scrub the area.

Summer beauty tips by experts prescribe following a healthy diet consisting of an excellent mix of vegetables, fruits, cereals, nuts and pulses. The intake of boiled or raw food should also be increased during the summer months so that you can maintain a fine balance between your nutrient requisites.

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Summer season takes a toll on our skin every year with its scorching heat, humidity and pollution which invites infection and makes our natural glow lackluster. You can however bid adieu to all these hassles and keep your skin radiating with the easy-tips lined out above. Once you are done catering to your skin woes don’t forget to pay some attention to your hair cuticles by opting for a clarifying shampoo that can cleanse the build-up of sweat on the scalp. Such a shampoo can also prove to be helpful in clearing up chlorine build-up which might occur as a direct result of the incessant pool parties. High humidity might also lead to dryness and a lot of frizz making deep conditioning an absolute must for providing hair follicles with an adequate level of moisturization and adding back life to it.

I hope you enjoyed these summer beauty tips and you’ll share with your friends, sisters and others who love to stay beautiful in summer heat. Get more ideas here.

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