Eye Makeup For Older Women – Tips & Tricks For Best Looks!


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eye makeup for older women

Many women have spent most of these pandemic months without any eye makeup. But, now, as we are back into our everyday life and work, it’s time to get into what we were used to before this pandemic.

If you are wondering what to do with grownup eyes, you have to give your thought to experimenting with shadows, liners, and mascara. When you get old, or like when you enter your 50s or 60s, your eyes start looking puffier, creepier, or even deeper set. No issue at all!

It is a fact that when we get older, our skin changes intensely. We know that fine lines and wrinkles come naturally with age. But, in addition to these changes, our skin also becomes dry and gains an uneven tone or texture.

But, when it comes to eye makeup for older women, we have to look for the right eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara along with the right makeup tricks. Here, we are going to share some of the valuable tips and tricks for the best eye makeup for older ladies.

Eye Makeup Tips For Older Women

  1. Check your eyes in the mirror – Don’t ask others
  2. Don’t forget to prime your lids
  3. Make sure to use a black or dark brown eye pencil
  4. Gently stretch your lids for a smooth line
  5. Double up with the pencil line
  6. Contour the crease for a wider look
  7. Use neutral eyeshadow
  8. Use an eyelash curler and black mascara
  9. Don’t miss brow tails

Check your eyes in the mirror – Don’t ask others

The eyes you have now may not be the same that you had three years ago. It does not mean that you allow them to get in the way of makeup. You need to learn to embrace their sparkle and experienced gaze instead of opting for surgical procedures or Botox treatment.

If you are dealing with redness or irritation, you need to check your eyes with an optometrist or ophthalmologist. This will help in ruling out any medical issues. The second way is to check your existing makeup stash. You need to check your eye makeup products for the expiration dates.

Useful Mirror eye makeup for older women

Make a habit of treating yourself to updates; after all, makeup is your BFF. Always keep in mind that the right makeup has the power to make you feel confident, graceful, and fresh, even if you have a bad hair day.

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Don’t forget to prime your lids

Primer is the most important tip for eye makeup for older women. It helps in preventing your eye makeup from creasing and smearing. All you have to do is to choose the right primer for your lids.

When you have mature lids, they are warm and moist. This makes your makeup smear as well as makes it looks mushy or fade. When your lids are cool and dry, you find difficulty in blending eyeshadow. Also, eyeliner skips or is hard to apply. If you are the one with watery eyes, you need to use an oil-absorbing formula that works well on sweat and hot flashes.

Prime Your Lids eye makeup for older women

For women with cool and dry lids, they can use creamy moisturizing formula. You must be familiar with this secret of using eye primer. Simply take a little and blend it properly on the lids – from lash line to crease. Allow it to set for a minute, and then start applying makeup.

Make sure to use a black or dark brown eye pencil

When it comes to the best eye makeup for older ladies, the liner must be used rightly and wisely. Liner plays a great role in restoring the definition and shape to your eyes. Make sure to use a pencil that looks opaque. Keep in mind that it must not be too dry or slippery.

It is important to choose the right pencil texture. For women with watery eyes or moist lids, they should opt for a waterproof formula. On the other hand, the women with dry lids should go for a soft and highly pigmented pencil.

Gently stretch your lids for a smooth line

It is one of the great eye makeup tips for older women. The best way to do this is to look straight into the mirror and hold your eye taut gently towards the outer edge. Now, apply the liner to the upper lids. This way, you will be able to draw a thin line without any bump and wiggle.

You need to apply the liner from the outer side to the inward. Make sure to keep your eye a little open so that you can control the line properly. It should not be too thick or heavy. You can ease this process by resting your elbows on a table.

When you apply a liner below the eyes, try to use a lighter hand to get a softer effect. If you want to get deep-set hooded eyes, put more focus on the lower lash. It will help your eyes get a stronger shape.

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Double up with the pencil line

It is another powerful tip that can enhance the effect of pencil liner. For this, you have to go with the pencil line with the same or somewhat similar dark powder eyeshadow. You can also opt for using the darkest shade from the palette of your eyeshadow.

This trick works great in filling any gap between pencil and lash roots. Moreover, it also helps in improving the intensity of the liner. It is also helpful in dramatizing eye shape, which is what the eyes of older women need the most. You should double line these deep-set, hooded, or watery eyes with the help of a marker-like pen liner. Avoid using powder shadow.

Pencil Liner eye makeup for older women

It would be good to use a liquid liner, but make sure to put focus on the base of the lashes. Keep in mind not to draw a wing. Double lining not only helps in giving a smokey effect but also gives your eyes a sharper look. All thanks to the layering.

Contour the crease for a wider look

Contouring the crease works great for all women, excluding those with deep-set eyelids. Here, you have to use a neutral medium-toned shadow that matches your skin tone. While tracing the hollow of the eye, it is advised to focus on the outer half of the eye.

Then, take a brush and blend the line properly and followed by redoing it using a similar shade of powder brown or gray shadow. You can use a creamy crayon as a base so that the eyeshadow clings.

Use neutral eyeshadow

One of the effective tips for eye makeup for older women is to use the light shade on the lids, then go with a medium shade on the crease, and followed by dark shade at the lash line. This trick works great in creating the illusion of wider, more sculpted eyes.

All older ladies are recommended to choose a palette with neutral shades. Make sure not to use trendy colors, especially when you are an older woman. Save those colors for your nails!

neutral eyeshadow

Use an eyelash curler and black mascara

All women know about the fact that curling lashes work great in opening the eyes. Once you set your lashes properly in the curler, you just have to squeeze it to get the maximum curl. Make sure to squeeze it 2-3 times after a few minutes. Also, make sure that you are using a lash curler before mascara.

Here, black mascara is the best choice for all women, especially for women above 50. At this age group, women have short and thin lashes, and this lightweight plumping formula goes well. Keep in mind to go for volume and do not focus on gaining a length.

Of course, if you have watery eyes or moist lids, you are highly recommended to use waterproof mascara.


Don’t miss brow tails

You can end eye makeup for older women with brow makeup as the final touch. This tip is quite helpful in making your eye makeup look better. It is true that many women above 50 miss their brow tails or have thin outer brows.

Here, you need not get into any complex multistep routine. Just finish it by lifting your brow shape while lengthening it outward to give the shape. It is a great way to magnify the look of your eye area, and you will look more groomed.

Make sure to use a firm, fine-tipped pencil that works wonderfully in filling gaps and duplicates a tail in an easier way. These pencils are available in various authentic-looking shades. If you are confused, you can choose a shade lighter than you think.

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Final Words

That’s all! These eye makeup tips for older women will help you improve your eye looks. This way, you can update your makeup technique and use the right products for your eye makeup. With this, no one can stop you from getting a natural, fresh, and positive appearance.

Just follow them, and you will be surely amazed at the way you amplify your natural beauty.