Hairstyles For Older Women – Best Haircuts To Look Younger


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Hairstyle for older women

No matter your age, it can be a little hard to find a flattering style that suits your natural hair texture and daily hair habits. If you have natural thinning grays, this task becomes a little more difficult.

When it comes to choosing the perfect hairstyles for older women, many of you may get confused about figuring out the face-flattering haircut.

It is a fact that the beauty behind a great hairstyle develops as per age. So, when you get older, it is important to choose the right length and color. When you consider these two factors while going through the best hairstyles for older ladies, you will learn to balance maturity, along with keeping your look contemporary.

Though there are various cute ways to style your grays, it does not mean that you need to be nervous about preparing yourself something new. Trying a new style may be a scary situation for you, but when you go through this list of great celebrity-inspired ideas, you will feel more confident.

From pixies to bobs, we have got you covered on some of the great hairstyles for older women. Whether you have curly hair, thick or thin hair, or super straight hair, you will find everything here. Also, keep in mind that one hairstyle is not suitable for al. So, you can expect to try these hairstyles to find the one that works for you.

Best Hairstyles For Older Women

  1. Voluminous Pixie
  2. Layered Pixie
  3. Teased and Shaggy Cut
  4. Asymmetrical Bob
  5. Choppy Pixie
  6. Sharp Bob
  7. Classic Bob
  8. Graduated Bob
  9. Curtain Bangs
  10. Sleek Long Bob
  11. Chin-Grazing Lob
  12. Fringed Bangs
  13. Eye-grazing Fringe
  14. Sleek and Straight haircut
  15. Topknot Swirl Bun
  16. Blonde Bob with Flipped Layers

Voluminous Pixie

If you are looking for a hairstyle that involves layers, you can opt for a voluminous pixie. This hairstyle is packed with layers that are styled to frame your face. It is an ideal choice for women with thinner hair and who don’t have enough length to work on.

Voluminous Pixie Hairstyle for older women

It is one of the favorite hairstyles for older ladies due to its low maintenance. Also it is recommended not to just focus on classic pixie; instead, you can also go with a variation on the fringe area as it will help in making you look fiery and modern.

Layered Pixie

Are you ready to add a statement to your personality? Are you ready to take some hair off? If yes, then it is the perfect haircut for you. The most significant part of this hairstyle is texturizing cream. You just need to rub a small amount of cream over your dry hair. That’s all! This will enhance your choppy layers.

Teased and Shaggy Cut

If you think of this hairstyle, you will look at it as a little messy and undone. But, it is not the case at all. It is one of the perfect styles for third-day hair and to mask grays.

To get your stubborn gray roots concealed, you can go with a touch-up spray that works great as a hair-refreshing dry shampoo.

Teased and Shaggy Cut

Asymmetrical Bob

When it comes to an asymmetrical bob, it should not be overstated. Rather, just a little work on your hair works well here. It is also a fun way to enhance the movement of the solid shape of the traditional bob. If you want to try bob, you can go with this timeless style.

You can also maintain the natural color of your hair. It all depends on the haircut you choose as well as if they are placed correctly.

Choppy Pixie

No matter what hairstyle you opt for, the biggest trend at any age is to enjoy healthy and shiny hair. Also, the choice of hair care products also changes with age. It helps in keeping your hair young and vibrant. It is recommended to keep your hair hydrated.

One of the ideal hairstyles for older women is a choppy pixie. To maintain the shine of your hair, try to use a hydrating leave-in conditioner. You can choose the one that ensures moisturizing hair and also keep them frizz-free.

Choppy Pixie

Sharp Bob

Many experts consider flawless bob a powerful haircut. The length of the bob changes with the season and this haircut requires low maintenance. This is the best choice for older women with a busy lifestyle.

On the other hand, a sharp bob can also be a difficult cut to wear, all because of its strength on the portion where it lies on the body. You can use a blow dryer to avoid getting a flat bob. Blow dryer works wonderfully in giving volume at the roots. 

Classic Bob

The classic bob is a great haircut for women with fine hair. This is wonderful for keeping the look of thick and heavy hair. You can also opt for the black-color technique as this will make your hair look more fresh and natural. This also works well in adding depth and shine to your hair.

Classic Bob hairstyles for older women

Graduated Bob

Do you have high and attention-grabbing cheekbones?  Many experts believe that graduated bob can be one of the ideal hairstyles for older ladies to highlight their features. This haircut can also be called a stacked bob.

This hairstyle has long layers in the front, whereas you will get short layers at the back. The short layers can also be taken on a curved shape. For women above 60, longer hairstyles are not a recommended choice. So, many experts ask these women to go for bobs or other shorter hairstyles.

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Curtain Bangs

In this hairstyle, you get bangs that are split in half and are placed on one side of your face. These curtain bangs are highly versatile and also give you a choice to wear them at any length you want. You just need to make sure that the length you choose must go well with your facial features.

This is one of the ideal hairstyles for older women with round or square face shapes.  This hairstyle works great in adding balance to these face shapes. Thus, it helps in elongating your face and gives dimension to it.

curtain Bangs hairstyles for older women

Sleek Long Bob

Are you an older woman with fine and straight hair? Does your hair grow so densely? If yes, then sleek long bob gives you the ideal haircut that is both chic and modern. This hairstyle looks great on women of all ages, especially women over 60 years of age.

You can give some shine to your hair by using a deep-conditioning mask. You can get a rich, creamy formula that hydrates your dry hair and gives a sufficient amount of shine.

Chin-Grazing Lob

The hairstyle that comes to your chin looks amazing, especially for women who love their chin. Even if you want to lengthen your neck with longer hair from your shoulders, this hairstyle can be the best for you. 

The length of this haircut varies depending on the strength of your jaw. Make sure to keep the haircut line along the chin if you have a feebler jaw.

Fringed Bangs

No worries if you are not ready to make a complete change to your hair. Just by adding a fringe, you can get an up-to-date haircut and bring a youthful look. This hairstyle is highly recommended to older women who do not want to try something new.

You just need to discuss with your hairstylist about the facial feature you would like to highlight. The stylist will cover other areas by adding in more weight.

Fringed Bangs hairstyles for older women

Eye-grazing Fringe

It is a myth that women over 60 should opt for wearing short hair. But, the real fact depends on whether the short hair flatters your face shape and hair texture. This haircut looks great on women with naturally straight and textured hair.

If you are looking for hairstyles for older ladies that are youthful, fresh, and stylish, you can try eye-grazing fringe. This hairstyle requires a bang trimming every 4-6 weeks.

Sleek and Straight haircut

This haircut works wonderfully for women with a square face shape. If you have a straightening and styling iron, you can use it to achieve soft, smooth strands. Now, are you thinking about the best part of this hairstyle?

Here, you have the freedom to play with this style depending on the look you are looking for. You can opt for the middle part to get something appealing.

Topknot Swirl Bun

There is no doubt that mile-high topknot is one of the simple hairstyles that you can master without putting any effort. To get this hairstyle, you can add in a swirl and take your topknot to the next level.

You can enjoy it by putting the hair in a ponytail and then splitting it in half. Now, twist both sections around the base of your ponytail. If there is any stubborn piece, simply use bobby pins to secure it.

Topknot Swirl Bun hairstyles for older women

Blonde Bob with Flipped Layers

You can never go wrong with layers as they can add an air of youth to your hairstyle. For older women, short bob with flirty layers is something that is easy to manage. You can also add in some light blonde highlights to give some extra dimension.

Final Words

Hairstyles for older women not only involve boring short haircuts. There is something more to give a special charm to your hair. You can choose any style of your preference. It does not mean you can’t follow trends. Rather, you can go for something that flatters you the most.

These hairstyles give you plenty of options to avoid looking like a granny. Always keep in mind that the right hairstyle is the crucial element of your look.