Simple Makeup For Everyday To Look Pretty All-time

Sep 03, 2021 by Herry Chaudhari

For many women, getting an easy makeup look for everyday is something that makes them exhausted with the thought. But the truth is that having simple makeup for everyday requires just a few makeup products and a few minutes to get a look that goes perfectly on any event.

There may be a situation when you are pressed with time, but at the same time, you want to pack a punch. If you know how to do simple makeup, it will help a lot in getting the perfect makeup look without any mistakes. Whether you love glittering eyelids or berry lips, you can never go wrong with this simple makeup for everyday.

These days, when most women are stepping out from the Zoom calls and back out into society, they need to have a refresh makeup routine. This works great in enhancing their perfect natural makeup routine. You need to follow certain points that will help in simplifying your daily routine.

Instead of using a heavy foundation, you must go for a softer primer lotion. Also, you can use a soft concealer to smoothen your dark circles without creating an unnatural look under your eyes. You must know to use the right products to help you get a simple look.

No worries if you don’t have enough time in the morning to get a cat eye or to contour your cheekbones, simple makeup for everyday can work great in enhancing your features. A simple makeup look is all about prepping your skin, even out your complexion, and enhancing your eyes, cheeks, and lips.

Simple Makeup For Everyday

Continue reading to get the step-by-step guide along with some tips to learn how to apply simple makeup daily.

Simple Makeup For Everyday

  1. Prep Your Skin
  2. Even Out Your Skin Tone
  3. Define Your Eyes And Lips
  4. Some Tips For Basic Everyday Makeup Look

Step 1 – Prep Your Skin

Before you take any makeup product in your hand, it is very important to clean your complexion. When you cleanse and moisturize your skin before using any makeup product, it will help in blending your products easily when you do simple makeup for everyday.

Cleanse your face

You should start prepping your skin by cleansing your face. It will help in removing any dirt or oil from your skin. Just take a cotton swab and soak it in a cleanser, such as rinse-free, vitamin-rich micellar water. Now, you have to wipe away impurities from your face without causing any irritation or redness.

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Apply Moisturizer

Once you cleanse your face, now, it’s time to moisturize your skin. Now, apply moisturizer as it will help in hydrating your skin. It is important because when you have a smooth complexion, it will work great in helping your makeup go perfectly and evenly. Here, you have to opt for oil-free formula as it will help in reducing the risk of potential breakouts. Make sure to get the one with SPF-infused formula. This moisturizer will give you added protection from harmful UV rays all through the day.

Step 2 – Even Out Your Skin Tone

Now, your skin is fresh and clean. Now, it’s time to get to the next step of simple makeup for everyday i.e., even out your skin tone.

Apply tinted moisturizer

Simple Makeup For Everyday

When you are going to even out your skin tone, make sure to get the tinted moisturizer. Select the one that best suits your natural skin tone. You can find several moisturizers that come in different shades. The tinted moisturizer helps you to get sheer coverage with additional skincare benefits throughout the day. You have to apply this moisturizer all over your face, just like you use your regular moisturizer.

Conceal blemishes and dark circles

In this step, you have to dab a concealer on blemishes or dark circles under your eyes. These areas require a little more coverage. You have to go for pigment-rich formula and make sure it should not be matte or cakey. It will help in giving a seamless, natural finish for simple makeup for everyday.

When you apply concealer on blemishes, simply dab it on these spots and blend using your finger or makeup sponge. For dark circles, apply some concealer under your eyes and pat it using a finger, or you can blend it using a makeup sponge.

Use translucent powder only if required

This step is for women who have oily skin. If you are the one among them, you can use a translucent powder to avoid any kind of mid-day shine. Take a fluffy brush and apply a powder in a circular motion as this will help in making it goes undetected.

Apply a warm blush color

In order to get a subtle and natural finish, you must use a cream blush. Make sure to get a warm blush color as it will work great in warming up the apples of your cheeks. Massage your blush on your skin with the help of your fingers, or you can also use a makeup sponge, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Step 3 – Define Your Eyes And Lips

Now, once you have evened out your skin tone, you have to move forward with other steps for enhancing your features. When you do simple makeup for everyday, make sure that you have enough light in your room so that you can apply makeup easily.

Shade your eyelids

Simple Makeup For Everyday

Here, you can use a shimmery champagne eyeshadow to make your eyes pop and look wider. It will help in making your eyes look fresh and wide awake. Take an eyeshadow brush and apply your desired shade across your whole eyelid from the start point to the crease. Don’t forget to cover the inner corners of your eyes and also cover your eyebrow bone.

Apply eyeliner

To define your eyes properly, you can use eyeliner. Whether you have a steel grey or black eyeliner pencil, simply apply it between your top eyelashes. If you want to enjoy your simple makeup look for the entire day, you must not miss this step.

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Apply mascara

Applying mascara is something that will work great in boosting your eyelashes. You can choose a dark brown or black shade to get a soft finish. Make sure to apply a few coats of your mascara on your top lashes and a single coat on the bottom lashes.

Enhance your lips

Do you have a tinted balm in your makeup collection? If yes, then here you have to use it. Make sure that your tinted balm should be in a shade that matches your lips. If you don’t have the one, then get the one. After all, you are going to use it for simple makeup for everyday.

It will add a shine-free touch to your lips. You have to apply this balm directly on the lips, or you can use your finger for a natural finish.

After going through these steps for simple makeup for everyday, we think it would be better to have a look at these tips for basic everyday makeup.

Some Tips For Basic Everyday Makeup Look

When we talk about everyday makeup, many women want to make it as simple as possible. If you know the steps of applying everyday makeup, it does not mean you are doing it rightly. Always keep in mind that some rules can help you achieve a successful makeup look.

Have a look at some valuable tips that will help in making your look well, every day perfect.

  • If you are using a foundation, apply it using a brush to achieve a natural look.
  • When you apply concealer, you have to draw an inverted triangle under your eyes as it will help in highlighting these areas. This tip will make your face look fresh and youthful once you hide your dark circles.
  • When you use a highlighter, make sure to use it at the inner corners of your eyes, as it will help in hiding your tiredness.
  • You can fill in your brows, but keep in mind don’t overdo this step. It is so because you perform this step to soften your features, and you want to draw attention away from the wrinkles around your eyes. Make sure to use an eyebrow pencil slightly lighter than your natural hair.
  • One of the best ways to apply eyeliner perfectly is to begin by drawing a thin line at the inner corner of your eyes and make it thick as you move towards the outer corner.
  • When you choose a mascara to highlight your eyes, make sure it should have a large and fluffy brush. You have to start applying mascara at the root while twisting the brush in the left and right directions.
  • You have to use a lip liner before applying lipstick. It will help in preventing your lipstick from feathering out of the lip line.
  • If you have oily skin, you have to use a powder to set your foundation with the aim to lessen shine using a light, fluffy brush.

Final Words

Now, when you know how to apply simple makeup for everyday, you need not go through heavy makeup. This simple makeup can make a huge difference to the look for any event you attend.