Know About The Different Aspect Of Applying Eyeshadow For Becoming A Complete Pro

Herry Chaudhari

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Applying Eyeshadow For Beginners

An essential beauty item which is sure to top every makeup fanatic’s chart is eyeshadow. It is a must have content in every makeup lovers beauty kit, and the reason for its popularity is most certainly its versatility. Eyeshadow not only help create a variety of different looks using the same makeup basics, but it also help draw attention to the face. Who doesn’t want to look pretty and be complimented for? Although some women fret over the idea of Applying Eyeshadow as they consider it to be something tricky, but hey it’s no rocket science right?

Shape of your eyelids

Applying Eyeshadow And Eyeliner

Every fashion freak will most certainly know the concept of dressing ‘according to the body type’. Just like you put on clothes which flatter your figure and highlight your strong points, you need to wear eyeshadow according to your eye shape. Yes, determining your eye shape is necessary for knowing about the different techniques and styles that you can try for looking different each day.

Wide set eyes, close set eyes, protruding eyes, upturned eyes, hooded eyes are to name a few of the eyelid shapes. Each shape has its own characteristic feature, and knowing your eye shape will only help you choose the correct style to further enhance your ‘window to the soul’.

Brushes are more important

Applying An Eyeshadow

A surprising fact about becoming an eyeshadow pro is that there is something more essential that The Eyeshadow itself. It is the brushes, that actually help you apply flawless eyeshadow and helps create myriad variety of eye designs. The blending tip brush helps in smudging the eye color properly and helps create the Smokey effect.

The blending shadow brush which is often used for blending all types of eye colors is actually for softening the intensity of bright and dark colors. This is the most important type of brush for every makeup pro, as nobody wants to put on bright colors and not blend it properly and step out looking like a clown. Another brush which is also quite important is the precision liner brush which is slightly tilted and helps draw flawless eyeliner.

Applying Eyeshadow

Choose the eyeshadow formula which you are comfortable to work with. Pressed eyeshadow is for makeup newbie as the blend easily and leave out the hassle of creating a total mess. Loose eyeshadow is becoming popular for it offers a variety of different shades, but is a bit tricky and messy to work with. So for becoming an eyeshadow expert know about the eye shape, variety of brushes, and eyeshadow formula.