How To Apply Black Eyeshadow For Beginners

May 24, 2019 by nishal shah

We all absolutely love smokey eyes. However, going with smokey eyes makeup completely depends on the right occasion, but at the same time, following the right technique is also important to give the perfect vibrant look to your eyes.

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If you want to wear black eye makeup, you should be clear in your mind about how to apply black eyeshadow. Obviously, you cannot be perfect in your hands for the very first time, so be experimental and learn the tricks of applying the perfect black eyeshadow before going on any occasion with black eye makeup.

If you do not know the right techniques, you may end up with a disaster, so the best way is to learn from your mistakes and you will gradually become a master in it.

No doubt, these days black eye makeup is in great demand and you can see women embracing black eyeshadows for evening parties and even for special occasions, especially when going for a Halloween or costume party. There was a time when black eyeshadow was not preferred by most women, but with the change in the beauty and fashion industry, the preferences of women about makeup have also been changed a lot.

Here, you will learn to do black smokey eyes makeup by applying black eye shadow in an accurate way.

how to apply black eyeshadow

Before starting step by step guide to having gorgeous black eye makeup, we would like to share some tips.

  • No matter which form of black eye shadow you choose for black eye makeup, make sure to choose an eyeshadow with a matte finish.
  • Never choose the one with glitters or anything with a shining effect.
  • If you are going for a party and want black eye makeup, it is better to use loose glitters later on instead of adding it on the base or choosing a glittered black eye shadow.
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How To Apply Black Eyeshadow & Get

  • The very first step of makeup is to clean your face properly to remove dirt and it is also essential to remove the makeup which you have previously put on.
Black Eyeshadow looks
Woman having eyeshadow applied on her face
  • Once your face is cleaned, apply eye primer on your eyelids that help in making your makeup stay for longer, something more than 3-5 hours. Some women usually skip using primer when putting eye makeup for just a shorter time. The primer actually works great in blending the eyeshadows. So, it is better to put a primer for lasting eyeshadow.
  • Now, you have to use a concealer onto the eyelids as well as under the eyes. Make sure to blend it well with your skin. The concealer is used to cover the dark circles under your eyes and to even out any discoloration around the eyes.
  • Next step is to apply black eye shadow, which is what you are waiting for long to learn applying the black color on your eyelids in a right and easy way. Apply it evenly on all over your eyelid using the eye shadow brush. You can apply it using your last finger and blend it evenly with your finger.
  • To enhance the effect of black eyeshadow, it is recommended to use a contrast color on the middle of your eyelids. It is so, because using only black color on eyes may make you look weird. So, to bring out the vibrancy of your black eye shadow, you must use some dark color to complement black. You can choose dark green, purple, dark peach or any color to get the best with black.
  • In order to cover the applied contrast color, you need to re-apply the black eyeshadow on the eyelid. Make sure to cover the whole eyelid when reapplying it.
how to apply black eyeshadow
  • As now you are done with stunning eye shadow on the eyelids, so you need to add shimmer white eyeshadow to cover the rest of the eyes. The white eye shadow should be applied from the crease to the eyebrow bones. It works great in making your eyes more ravishing and attractive. You can skip this step if you want to keep your eye makeup simple and elegant. The choice is all yours.
  • Now, it’s time to give some finishing touch to your black eyeshadow looks. Apply eyeliner in moderate to thick form as per your choice or what goes best on your eyes. You can extend the eyeliner out of the eyelid in upwards direction for an added effect. In addition, you can use eyeliner under the eyes as well and smudge it well to create an intense look.
  • Finish off your black eye makeup by applying your favorite volumizing mascara.


Hope, now you are clear with how to apply black eye shadow rightly and effectively. Truly, it is not that hard what you thought of, just following these steps will give you confidence in going out with your stunning black eyeshadow looks.