Some Winter Makeup Tips for Dry Skin That You Need to Follow

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Winter makeup tips for dry skinWinter makeup tips for dry skin

As the winters are arriving, most of the women with dry skin find it really challenging to get through the winters smoothly. Some women who are unfamiliar about how to take proper care of their skin in winters usually end up with more flaky, dry and irritated skin.

In winters, it becomes quite essential to follow certain beauty routines to make the winters go smoothly without messing anything when applying makeup on your dry skin. To get rid of gusts of cold winds and to prevent your skin from getting dry out to the maximum, many women use scarves and jackets. But do you think it is enough to protect your skin from the harsh winter conditions?

For this, you need to have extra care of your skin not only for the all day long, but to apply flawless makeup as well.

Winter Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

Here are some of the winter makeup tips for dry skin that make it easy for you to enjoy this season without getting worried about your skin.

Winter makeup tips for dry skin

Do Not Skip Applying Moisturizer

One of the most important winter makeup tips for dry skin is to keep your skin moisturized to achieve a dewy and glowing complexion, no matter how much cold weather is outside. So, before taking out your highlighter, take a moisturizer in your hands and do some gentle massage to get the natural glow of your skin.

But, some women usually forget to apply it on the neck, so make sure not to make this mistake.  So, it becomes necessary to use a good moisturizer before applying your makeup. It will work great in eliminating the flakiness and irritation due to the dry skin in the winter.

At the same time, make sure that it must be absorbed completely.

Use an Illuminating Makeup Primer

If you are using a primer for the first time, it means you have missed something very essential for the makeup on the dry skin. Primer is highly helpful in creating an even surface to apply your makeup products. It means when you apply a primer, your dry patches will no longer be visible.

For dry skin, it is always recommended to use an illuminating makeup primer that not only helps in smoothing your skin but works great in illuminating your dry skin for a glowing finish. So, when you apply makeup in the winters, make sure not to miss a radiant-finish primer.

Do Not Use Powder

The powder can make your dry skin flaky and irritated, especially if you will use it in the winters. Also, it can become the main reason for making your fair skin look duller. So, staying away from powder or any too powdery makeup product is one of the highly recommended winter makeup tips for dry skin.

Do Not Use Powder

Instead of being too powdery, you can go for a moisturizing CC cream with the shade a little darker than your skin tone.

Always Use Liquid and Cream Foundation

You must know that a wrongly chosen foundation can result in highlighting your flaky skin, which you will never want. So, to avoid this, it is recommended to use a liquid and cream foundation, which will be helpful in gliding smoothly over your skin.

There are many such foundations available in the market, which are specially made for dry skin. So, if you are looking for the best winter makeup tips for dry skin, make sure not to use matte formula as it can easily settle into your flaky skin and give you a patchy finish.

Try To Go For Lightweight Coverage

When winter arrives, the skin becomes more dry and flaky, so in that case, you need to check what will work better on your skin. Always opt for lightweight coverage and you can also experiment with different products to check how your dry skin absorbs these products all through the day.

Whether you are going to use a CC cream, BB cream or foundation, you must always go for a thin layer. One more tip is to blend all the edges of your face properly so that everything will look seamless.

Do Not Go Overboard

When you have dry and sensitive skin, one of the best winter makeup tips for dry skin is to use products lightly. It means going overboard on makeup products can bring a blunder on your overall look. The best idea is to use a little bronzer or blush on the cheeks, but if you have natural rosy redness on the cheeks due to the cold weather, it is better to avoid a blush or bronzer.

For eye makeup, it is advised to keep it as simple as possible, like applying one shade of eyeshadow looks perfect on this season. Also, you must use a waterproof eyeliner and mascara to avoid spreading black color on the face due to the cold winds.

Exfoliate Your Lips with a Lip Scrub

Most of the women do not know that they can exfoliate their lips to remove the dead skin cells. You can use a face scrub which can also be used on lips. Simply take a little amount of face scrub and apply it on your dry lips using your finger. Now, with the help of a wet finger, gently massage on your lips and wash it properly with water.

Exfoliating your lips helps a lot in keeping them moisturized and you can apply lipstick or lip gloss without getting your lips dry. 

Winter Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Use a Setting Spray

Once you are done with your makeup, make sure to set your makeup using a setting spray. It is so because if you use a setting powder, your dry patches will be more visible. So, the best idea is to use a setting spray for makeup on dry skin.


Dealing with itchy and dry skin patches in the winters? Simply follow these winter makeup tips for dry skin and enjoy the natural glow of your skin.

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