Secret Tips On How To Apply Makeup & Still Make It Look Natural!

Sep 28, 2017 by Hansy shah

Many of us do not like to wear heavy make up & go out! So, what should one do if they want to apply makeup and still want to look natural with all of it? Well it may sound to be very tough thing to do, but trust me it isn’t. All you need to do is that follow these simple tricks & be little skillful in its application & then Voila! You’ll be out there in a party with make up, but people won’t catch if you have any!

Makeup Application Tips To Look Younger

* Moisturize – One of the most basic things you must keep in mind before you apply any kind of make up is that apply ample amount of moisturizer. It helps your skin by keeping it hydrated, keeps aging problems at bay. By applying proper moisturizer on your face, you make the base ready as it evens out the texture of your skin so that you can apply the foundation all over your face properly.

How To Apply Makeup Tips

* Conceal dark spots – There are many places on your face you find dark spots, blemishes & wrinkles or fine lines. So, you need to conceal them, right? Use the concealer very carefully; try not to over do the places. Quite gently apply the concealer & hide those dark spots & make your skin look spotless

* Foundation – Whatever type of make up you need to wear, you can’t do it without foundation! Foundation is very essential & crucial part of make up, but when it comes to wearing make up which looks natural you need to take extra care about which kind of foundation you choose for your skin. Don’t go for some kind of thick cakey makeup, it would not look natural, use a light tone of foundation which easily blends in with your skin; for more natural effect use a sponge or brush so that no streaks are left on your face which indicates that you’ve applied foundation. All it seems is that your skin is just perfect!

Makeup Application Tips And Tricks

* Eye shadows – Eyes can do wonders & still look natural too! All you need to do is that be skillful enough to pick up the light shades of eye shadows so that it looks natural all the way. But don’t end up choosing a lighter shade than your skin color, just pick a color that is a shade darker than your skin color & apply it. Not too dark but yet one shade darker than your skin shade & thus end up giving you a natural look.

* Let your lips be nude – As you’ll be wearing a light make, a make up that looks natural so you must keep in mind that even if you have a fascination for lip colors you won’t be able to put it now! You need to select your color among the light shades like peace, light pink etc. you will be wearing lip color but to no one’s notice.

How To Use Makeup Tips

* Doesn’t put liner – For many of us makeup means experimenting with different ‘winged eyeliner’, but in this case this won’t work out as you’ve chosen to look natural. So, say ‘no’ to eye liner. Your face will still look beautiful without those eye liner

So, these are just few simple tricks that you can do easily without going to any parlor. All you need is bit of skill to pick up the right shades/colors for yourself which would give you a natural look at the end of the day, even after wearing make up!