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Applying Lipstick Like A Pro

Application of lipstick is a very imperative move in terms of applying makeup. If you define your lips properly then you might not have to apply other cosmetics to look glamorous. Sometimes the apt color and correct application can do wonders. Lipstick has the potential to make you look complete. Try to experiment with your skin tone and what dresses you wear in order to maintain sartorial elegance clubbed with glamour. Here, are some ways of applying lipstick that can give you a complete look.

* If you have highlighted your eyes or have adhered to smoky eyes then the equation in terms of your eyes and lips should be inversely proportional i.e. choose a light Applying Lipstick Easyshade for your lips, as your eyes look highlighted then again highlighting your lips is a big NO. It will make you look outdated instead of giving you a dazzling appearance. Many people do this mistake and in return just make a fool out of themselves. So, this is a very vital mantra always remember it when you sit to apply your make-up, which will make you choose the right lip color for yourself.

* Outline your lips with a pencil color for your lips, which is readily available in markets. If you draw your lips before putting the lipstick then your lips will pop-up on your face and you will be able to apply the lipstick properly without messing it up, since the color won’t come out from the desired place. If the lipstick comes out from the desired place, then it will drastically make you look opposite to what you want to appear. So, drawing of lips is always advisable.

* The point above advice you to draw your lips, before applying makeup. But the major question is how you can apply your lipstick in congruence to your lip liner. The same equation is to be applied here. If you draw your lips with a dark-color lip liner then it is always preferable that you apply a light shade lipstick as that makes the equation, and if you follow this mantra inversely then your lip liner won’t be visible to the on lookers, which means that putting of lip liner will go in vain. Differently, if you apply the exact lip liner as per your lipsticks’ shade then that method is also preferable to get the desired look.

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