Tips To Do Waterproof Eye Makeup Perfectly!

Jul 03, 2017 by nishal shah

With the monsoons and the humidity upon us, we makeup lovers are in a fix to get the waterproof look that will not smudge in the rains. Have you ever wanted to do a Smokey Eye Makeup but the monsoons ruined your plan? Do not worry as there are some useful waterproof eye makeup tips that will help your eye makeup to be on point even in the monsoon rains.

Apply a primer 

The first of the perfect makeup tips to get your waterproof eye makeup correct is to apply a primer on your eyelids. Applying a primer on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow makes it easier for you to apply the eyeshadow.

Best Waterproof Eye Makeup

Moreover, the primer helps to keep the eyeshadow on for a longer time period and is can help to prevent smudging off due to humidity.

Apply waterproof concealer

The next step of waterproof eye makeup is to apply a waterproof concealer which will not get washed away in the rain. Apply a concealer which suits your skin tone and type. There are a number of well known brands which are known to sell waterproof concealer. If you are low on your budget you can also buy a good drugstore concealer for half the price of a popular brand.

Best Waterproof Eyebrow Makeup

Apply clear mascara on your eyebrows

In order to define our eyebrows we use eyebrow powder. But that is prone to smudging and running off in the rain. So do not risk your makeup by using eyebrow powder. Instead what you can do is use clear mascara and apply it on your eyebrow. This will help your eyebrows to stay in place and also be well defined.

Use waterproof eyeliner and kohl

There are a lot of brands that sell waterproof eyeliners and kohl nowadays. During the rainy season keep these in your makeup box. Apply a waterproof pencil liner for a day look and a liquid liner for the evening look. If you love wearing kohl, you can also get it in the waterproof variant. It would be a great option for waterproof eye makeup.


The final step of completing your waterproof eye makeup is to use waterproof mascara which will not smudge even in the rains. For a day look you can apply clear mascara whereas for an evening look you can use double coats of the basic black mascara. It is better not to use fake lashes during the rainy season as the adhesive may get washed off in the rains.

Keep a simple basic look during the rainy season to get a glowing smudge free face during rainy days. Waterproof eye makeup would be the perfect choice for eye makeup during the rainy days.

I hope you enjoyed waterproof eye makeup tips. Get more ideas from Pinterest. Apart from these, if you know any waterproof eye makeup tips then please share them in the comments below.