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Runway Makeup Trends

Every season, the fashion week brings new trends and helps you to re-evaluate to get rid of unnecessary clothes in your closets. The makeup trends are simply jaw-dropping. Be it for hair, fashion or makeup, you always end up remembering those runway looks. Models always tend to look amazing and you are always confused about how to recreate the runway looks and make them wearable for your day-to-day look.

Ways To Wear Runway Makeup

Given below are the top 5 ways which ensure that on how to make the runway makeup wearable.

Runway Makeup 2018

The cat-eye

Do you want the cat-eyed look where the white eyeliner is used to set off the tanned summer skin? In order to highlight your white eyeliner, all you need to do is create a canvas of clear skin. For this, a little highlighting and contouring are required. Use a concealer to cover up all of your red area and blemishes. Now to the bridge of your nose, apply some of the creamy highlighters. Take a thin brush and apply the white liner to the inner corner of your eye. Move forward to the upper lash line and flick the corner up so that it creates a sleek cat-eye. An eyelash curler can be used to make your eyes look more dramatic. You can use this look for a fruity cocktail party.

Bold eyes with bold lips

Once you have applied the eyeliner, use an eyebrow pencil just to brush or fill in your sparse eyebrows. Slowly drag the liner from the corner of your eyes and try to avoid making wings. To finish off, apply two coats of mascara. For your lips, apply the deep wine color lipstick with the help of a lip brush instead of directly using the tube.

Runway Makeup And Beauty

Using colors inside the lines

The bright-orange eye shadow applied in the inner corner of the eyes has been considered one of the famous runway makeup trends till date. The orange color can be replaced with the blue one and can be easily wearable. To start with, moisturise your skin and conceal all of your blemishes using a foundation. You can also use a lash curler to make your eyes look more open.

Creamy eyeliner is applied to the upper lash line. Then the line is brought down and drawn at your lower lash line in order to give your eyes an almond shape. Use an eyeliner brush to apply the blue gel eyeliner. Start applying it from the inner corner of your eye and blend it with the black liner in the middle of your lash line. Try wearing a neutral shade of lipstick in order to balance the dramatic eye look.

Runway Makeup Looks

Glowing skin

The most common spring go-to look is the clear glowing skin. Many people try the no-makeup, makeup look and this runway makeup can be achieved on a daily basis. All you need is a concealer, foundation, blush and mascara. Foundation is used to give a satin finish to your skin. Concealer hides away your spots. Fill the sparse eyebrows and apply coats of mascara. In order to attain glowing skin, apply the blush on the cheeks and highlight your cheekbones, inner corner of the eye and the cupid cow of your lip.

Runway Makeup Ideas

The heavy, bright blush

The heavy, bright blush is one of the famous runway makeup trends which take you back to the 80’s. This look can be recreated by twisting it with the ideas of modern makeup trends. For achieving glowing skin, you apply the mixture of a foundation and a Tint bronzer. Use a cream blush to blush your cheekbones mainly towards the hairline. Fill your lips with a fuchsia toned red lipstick. If you do not want the color to be bright on your lips, you can simply put some of it on your fingertips and slowly dab it onto your lips. By doing so you get a light stain look.

Follow these runway makeup tips and tricks in your daily life and get the flawless look like the runway models. Carry your confidence and you can easily recreate the exact look.

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