Ways To Contour Your Neck: Reach For An Effortlessly Beautiful Look

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How To Do A Contour Makeup

Contouring sounds easy, isn’t it? Yes, it is a hard task to contour your neck on your own, with no makeup man or artist. But the outcome is compared with the effort is worth so much more. The whole idea of contouring a neck region and a little below is to make it appear slender, glorify the beauty bones and uplift the breasts creating some visual of depth. It has become somewhat of a technique that celebrities use for cleavage boosting and collarbone highlighting.

Contour Makeup Best

For the first-timers, it appears to be difficult but it isn’t, just make yourself comfortable in front of a clear mirror and for the back of your neck you can use a back mirror and apply the contour by looking at it from the mirror that is at the front. After continuous contouring (regular as per need, we mean) you can easily become accustomed to where the line needs to be drawn and how to blend the lines with a brush without even looking at it. We will teach you how it is easy to do that all alone with a beautiful result which you definitely need to show off. Contouring done with a cream adds much effect to the tan look that gives a different tone to your skin.

* First & Foremost: – First of all, you need a contour cream and a cream contour palette. The main trick is to use a color that is darker than your original skin tone so as to create the visual depth effect. Draw a “V” shape with the help of a brush between your breasts and similarly draw lines on your collarbones.

* Take it easy, relax: – After you are done drawing the lines, if you look at yourself in the mirror you should not freak out on seeing yourself as a warrior who is ready for war instead think of the results you will get to see after the entire contouring process because that will be glowing and sexy to be amazed at.

Contour Makeup For Beginners

* Highlighter Job: – Right after your freaking out session you need to give some time to use a highlighter beneath and above the contour line areas that is your breast and collarbones so that it is defined or rather highlighted. Make sure you stand straight by pushing your shoulders forward and maintaining the position until the time you are done with the entire contouring process.

* At your back: – Do the same for your neck region both back and front. Draw two lines with a brush by using a dark shade but don’t forget to keep a wide gap between the two. The gap is supposed to be filled up with a highlighter.

How To Get A Contour Makeup

* Puff it to blend it: – Final step is to mix up the shades that sit on your neck, collarbones, and breasts as paint and for that, you need to do a lot of puffing by using a big brush. A good time invested will ensure that you have blended the harsh lines away only to create a better picture of the entire effortful process.

* The final step: – You know the steps are yet not over if you don’t choose a perfect outfit for the perfect contouring you have done for yourself all by yourself. Make sure you change into a dress that compliments the tan effect as it is very much important and plays a role in your hard course makeup process.

Contour Makeup

Nobody wants to show how much of makeup has been used as being invisible with makeup has been the take. The art of contouring has reached a new level after the internet went through a post-storm of vloggers uploading neck contouring videos, teaching good moves where a person doesn’t need to worry about doing quick contouring before she says yes to a coffee date or a dinner date.

It is effortless provided you use a good quality contour and equally great brushes as they minimize the hand job a lot much as you don’t have to draw a line again and again and similarly you don’t have to keep puffing away the lines as once a right size brush has been used for the job it works simple and at once. So always buy a product that has been initially purposely designed to contour your neck.

I hope you loved these neck contouring tips. Get more ideas from Pinterest. If you know how to contour your neck then please share them in the comments below.

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