makeover tips

Makeup For Dark Indian Skin Tone – How To Apply?

Nilesh Patel

Sometimes, it’s really difficult to find the right makeup for dark Indian skin as the makeup industry caters to the ...

Tattoo Ideas For Women – Best Tattoo Designs You Can Get?

Herry Chaudhari

Tattoos are on a great trend these days, but everyone wants to have one with a special meaning or to ...

Travel Makeup Tips

The Top 7 Makeup Packing Tips That You Need On Your Next Trip

Hansy shah

It is such a hassle when you are ready to leave on a vacation and you need a suitcase just ...

Makeup Essentials to save you Makeup Meltdowns

nishal shah

Just when someone tries to prove to applying makeup is as easy as it seems, there comes a twist which ...

Makeup Highlight Colors

How To Choose Makeup Colors?

Dal Uplana

There are thousands out there waiting to police you for putting on makeup, but girls, what is the harm in ...

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