Best Makeup Ideas for Christmas to Try This Season

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christmas makeup ideas

It is almost the holiday season and along with the festive season comes a ton of preparation for the merry season. It is when you will see your family and many of your childhood friends. 

Apart from that there is always a party on campus or when you’re about to leave for the holiday season from your office. For this, obviously you will want to look your best for the group pictures. 

Since fashion is as seasonal as your coming vacation, you need to be up-to-date with the latest makeup trends to make sure you are amongst the prettiest ladies in the pictures! Besides your favourite grandmother of course! 

Best Makeup Ideas for Christmas to Try This Season

Makeup ideas for christmas

Blue Eyeliner

If you are at an office party and have shied away from wearing bright colours or fancy outfits, you can still add some christmas cheer to your outfit by adding a blue eyeliner to your look. This is an elegant way to add a pop of colour to your simple look. 

To create a classic impact and draw attention to your eyes, you can add the blue eyeliner over a simple look that teams filled in brows with a nude lip shade. 

Coral Lips

To create a subtle yet colorful look, you should try a coral lipstick instead of your usual dark shades such as plumor brick red. It creates the same effect without drawing too much attention to your lips. You can use a light coloured liner with this shade to enhance the look. 

You can team coral lips with thick lashes and go for a more retro vibe. This is a great look for the holidays as it is cheerful but sophisticated in its own way and brings out the best features of your face. 

best makeup ideas for christmas

Iridescent Highlighter

This is one of the best Christmas makeup looks for your annual family portrait. Just dab some shimmery highlighter on your cheekbones and use a dense brush to merge it on your face. Sweep it on lightly and use simple pastel colors for the undertone in your makeup. 

This will create a soft but refreshing look that is bound to stun everyone in this christmas season. 

Pop of Shimmer

If you are trying to make the most of the glitter trend this christmas season, you can try using some shimmer on your face. This falls in line with the sequence and glitter that are trending this holiday season. That is what makes this a great Christmas makeup look

Say for example, you can use a shimmery shadow near the corner of your eyes to make them look bigger and create a dramatic look while trying different makeup ideas for christmas. 

Green Eyeshadow

You can carry the christmas cheer by applying a gorgeous green eyeshadow. This allows you to experiment with colour and add an extra oomph factor to your look. 

It creates a dramatic effect and draws attention towards your eyes. This is one of the best makeup ideas for christmas selfies where you can be the centre of attention with this look.

Christmas makeup looks

Peachy Dew

If you want a more subtle yet classic look this holiday season, you can try a monochrome makeup look.  Monochrome makeup is great for a busy day during the holidays when the family gets together. 

Since it is one of the simpler christmas makeup looks, it can  help you attain the perfect look in a matter of minutes. You can save some money by recreating this look as well. All you need is a peach lip colour to dab on your eyelids, cheekbones and lips. Blend them in with a brush and make sure you use the right base for your makeup. 

Bronze Eyes

There are so many Christmas makeup looks that will add some holiday cheer to your everyday look. You can always add a bronze eyeshadow to be teamed with a bright red dress.

Make sure you create a thick lash line with your mascara to add the right amount of drama. Team these with a nude lipstick and top it with a lip gloss. This will create a balanced look that draws attention to your eyes. 

Purple Eyeshadow

This is a great look to create for a more dreamy vibe. You can always team this colour with a more smoky look and play with darker colours on your lips to recreate one of the best christmas makeup looks for this holiday season. 

You can smoke it out under the eye to create a more dramatic effect. Add fake lashes to make your eyes truly pop. You can team with a black or light coloured dress. 

Winged Liner and Red Lips

Your cat eye skills can be put to good  use when teamed with the perfect red lips. This is a great classic look that is bound to be a showstopper during your holidays.

It can be teamed with a black, red, violet or sequined dress.


These makeup ideas for christmas will help you decide what you want to do during christmas and help you decide on the perfect look to team with all your outfits. 

Make the most of your holidays and make sure you take ample pictures to put at your workstation or the refrigerator in your kitchen. 

Look your best for the merriest time of the year with the best christmas makeup looks.

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