For Attractive Lips, Do Nude Makeover With Kindness

Dec 25, 2017 by Hansy shah

The art of creating a perfect nude lip sounds easy but that isn’t that much of an easy job because a nude lip is not just consent with the shade that you buy similar to your skin tone. Creating a nude lip is harder than it should be but it is worth the effort a woman puts across.

You know the main struggle is to find the right color that suits your skin, we mean the skin tone and the other important part is to prepare your lips in a nude manner so that it catches attention, some gaze and looks effortlessly amazing. We will give you a few tips and little tips to get the perfect nude lips: –

1. Clean your lips gently either with the cloth or awet tissue.

2. Choose between matt and glossy lipsticks as matt is long lasting but dry whereas glossy is hydrating but doesn’t last much.

Nude Lipstick Matte

3. Well everybody knows that if you want your lipsticks to look bold then you need to apply a lip liner whose color is equally bold and a few shades darker than the color of your lipstick.

4. There is this one trick of using a brush to apply a lipstick because it ensures that your lipstick lasts longer and after that keep blotting it time and again gently with the help of a tissue as that ensures that your lipstick has been blended well all over your lips displaying a great texture.

Perfect Nude Lipstick

5. Use a highlighter to highlight the cupid bow you have at your upper lip as it intensifies your lips.

6. Use a lip gloss on your lips in a very small amount by applying it on your lips as you pout, that is in the middle of the bottom lip, the rest you can mix all over your lips by puffing both the lips together.

7. This creates a nude look, a pinch of pink for the ones with the fair skin and a hint of a sandy shade for women with a chocolate brown or dark skin. Further there are so many different shades worth a try be it a for a woman with a dark skin or a woman who has a pink skin and the shades are blue, red, blue-red, orange, orange-red, Burgundy red, and a little shade of everything neon.

8. For women who are confused about a shade that might suit them must analyze their skin tone and then look for a shade either similar or darker, even a little lighter works for some. You can always look for your favorite magazine holding pictures of celebrities and models who have carried a nude lip look beautifully, you can compare yours with them and then schedule a visit to buy the shades.

Nude Lipstick

9. There are so many women this wrong idea of nude lips not working with the ones who have a dark skin. But that isn’t the case as there are greater varieties of choices available for black girls and I will list a few as an example-

* Black opal Uptown Brown

* Black opal Bon Bon

* Wet a Wild Caffeine Fix

* Black opal caramel Mousse

10. Again, I have a very easy trick that is always choosing two shadeslighter than your skin tone whenever you are in doubt as to which color to choose and this created shade of yours will give you a flawless natural look.

11. Contouring is even a well-tried method and helpful indeed to give a perfect nude lip provided you use a good quality product as lips are very sensitive area and worth caring about as they steal away looks coming from different persons all at a time.

Perfect Nude Lip

Nude lips are more about class and sexiness as the look if carried with sophisticated outfit and hairstyle practically does magic. You can be a pro at it if you follow the simple steps I have explained above. If you have been constantly juggling between different blogs and ideas to get one flawless lip look then no need to roam around any further, as this sums up all.