How To Create A Smokey Eye Look?

Aug 12, 2017 by Herry Chaudhari

Smokey eyes is perhaps the sexiest makeup for the eyed that a woman could ask for. Equally difficult to achieve, this makeup for the eye is actually pretty easy. All you need is the best tools and the best Kohl and eyeshadow.

Blend it right!

Blending- why is this word so important in the makeup world? Blending makeup is extremely important for a few reasons. The perfect blend is crucial for the best makeup, whether it is for the lips, eye or cheeks, the best results comes out in the face as a whole. Coming back to blending and smokey eye.

How do top models and stars nail that smokey eye? To start the process, first one should use a Kohl or an eye pencil which is super dark and at the same time easy to smudge. Smudging is important while applying Kohl for smokey eye. The first step is to obviously apply the Kohl in an even line and then the next step is to blend and smudge without making a big mess.

Create A Smokey Eye Look

This may some take time to perfectly get the desirable result, but it’s very easy. A fine brush which is used to apply eye shadow is used to blend the Kohl and even finger does the trick. Followed by this, vowed by professional makeup artist, a fake share, preferably black eyeshadow is used to apply on the upper eyelid. While doing this, make sure to not go off the boundary and stay within the eyelid.

Making A Smokey Eye Look

A white eyeshadow can be used to highlight the effect and there you go, the perfect smokey eye. Finish off with a touch of mascara and you have mailed that sexy look for the evening. Woo your date with this amazing makeup for your eyes and you will see the wonders.

Make sure, in the entire process, use the best applicator or brushes for blending your makeup. This ensures even tone and flawless smokey eyes.

Smoky Eye Effect At Home

These pro makeup tips are used by professional and is sworn by. Practice makes a man perfect and the same applies for your makeup too. Be bold and flaunt the bold smokey eyes. This eye makeup goes with western as well as traditional wear and is amazing to carry in every occasion and at anytime of the day.

These sworn tips will surely make you the highlight of the show.