Holiday Makeup Tutorials: It’s All About The Eyes, Lips And The Face!

Dec 19, 2017 by Kail Valagoth

Who said holidays are just for fun, they would turn more interesting and gaze filling if you open a YouTube channel of the makeup bloggers and learn some lessons of the best holiday makeup tutorials they give, add it to your checklist before you leave for a vacation or you are to switch yourself on for a holiday mode be it Christmas, New year or beach holiday. A Makeup tutorial for all your needs as per an upcoming holiday season.

Holiday Makeup Tutorials

A holiday makeup tutorial is more like a festive tutorial and listed below are the best among so many uploaded by the most loved vloggers who have done the holiday look with perfection and will help you do it in the same way. The holiday makeup tips listed below will surely inspire you to get out of your comfort zone and try something more intimidating and gorgeous.

Holiday Makeup Tutorials

Tip 1

If you want to lead yourself as someone glamorous around the corner of Christmas celebrations then it is time to be your own Santa. Yes, you read it right, make your cheeks look rosy with a rose-pink colour and apply a glossy red lipstick to make your lips look bold and for the Eyeshadows, use peach colours but let your eyeliner be dark and bold, make it somewhat of a smoky look and smoky eyes need not always mean grey.

Holiday Makeup Tutorials

Tip 2

Planning for a look where people stare at you even the ones who have known you but find it difficult to put their gaze away from you. Well, in that case, you need to go for a glitter cut crease as it is both modern as well as glamorous. All you need to do is apply a thick coat of concealer as a base and then with the help of a puffy brush apply some powder. Apply your choice of eyeshadow that matches your outfit one time in a dark shade and in a light, shade the other. Then apply a thin coat of glitter at the top from where your eyelids fold and then again another coat, complete your look with a bold eyeliner and mascara along with a peach coloured lipstick.

Tip 3

This one is for women who are flying for a classic holiday for a glam look. Apply a primer serum on your face to make your makeup last for a long time. Use a waterproof foundation then apply concealer on your dark spots or dark circles if any and use a puff to mix it well.

Tip 4

Use a powder with a brush to almost every region on your face to tone your skin. Apply a holiday collection eyeshadow palette. Make your lips glittery by applying some glitter on top of your lipstick that is a dark shade. This look is no exception but is worth a try.

Tip 5

For you to enjoy your new year’s eve in the most glamorous and sexy look you can you should try this look of ruby red matte lipstick which has been paired up with a bold winged eyeliner, and your eyes look dramatic because of a glittery silver coloured eyeshadow.

Best Holiday Makeup Tips

Tip 6

Ever tried a copper coloured eyeshadow, then it’s time for you to try it once. This holiday season, try something different and instead of adding glitter to your eyelids, add them down, that is, make a light teary-eyed effect with the glitter and use a coppery eyeshadow to cover all your eyelids. The smudgy look is going to steal hearts if paired up with nude lipstick and a light yet glittery do to your cheekbone.

Tip 7

For a minimum makeup look, just apply some concealer along with that brush some face powder and a dark shade of red lipstick will be enough. And for your eyes, use next-level lashes along with dramatic eyeliner that is a little winged and here you go girl. Because Minimum is the new Maximum.

Holiday makeup isn’t for the usual makeup you apply every day to work or for a weekend get together. It has to be something dramatic and jazzier. Because this holiday season you need to grab some unwanted and some unwanted attention and more number of appreciations without any professional help. If you learn from the above, one day you will be the master of applying makeup and might help your mom or friends in giving much of a holiday look that is so like professional.

I hope you enjoyed these holiday makeup tips and you’ll apply during your summer or winter holiday. Also, you’ll with friends or others who love to have a beautiful look during vacations.  Get more ideas here.

Do you have any holiday makeup tips? Please share them in the comments below.