Professional Micro Needling – Everything You Need To Know Before You Jump Off To Try

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Micro Needling

To be very honest being a woman is tough, it is a hard task to continue surviving in this world where you are judged by your outer appearance. The constant battle between you and your skin is something that doesn’t always result in your favour. Every woman craves clear skin that glows without makeup but are we even doing something fruitful for our skin. The answer is No, we are not. The chemical products are going to take you nowhere.

Professional Micro Needling

One must have heard of Micro-Needling and the name itself scares you or sounds painful but the fact is none of us actually know the meaning of Micro-Needling or the outcomes it has on our skin. They have so many benefits unlike the facial treatments you go through in the salon and the glow remains just for a few days.

All About Professional Micro Needling

What is Micro Needling?

Professional Micro Needling is a beauty treatment for skins wherein small needles poke our skin creating a hole so that the needles absorb our skin to enable stimulation of collagen to provide a good texture and strength to our skin making it firm. Professional Micro Needling is done through rollers or pens which have tiny needles on their surface.

What kind of needles should one use?

Needles are either small or big. It depends on what kind of treatment you want for your skin, either you want to get rid of acne marks or fine lines or dark spots or stretch marks. Usually, Dermatologists say that a tiny needle is used to give a smooth texture to our skin and our skin can turn red for a day. A longer needle is used for deeper penetration for treating acne marks or stretch marks, and it can cause swelling or bleeding.

Micro Needling is for?

Micro Needling treatment can be done by anybody, it is not necessarily for women. Men too go through such treatments. It is basically done by people who have acne skin, stretch marks or a bad texture skin with wrinkles or spots and he or she can be of any age group. It is not only done for the skin but also for the whole body and also for the scalp for intensive hair growth.

What are the results one gets from Micro Needling?

Micro Needling is always performed by trained professionals who are often referred to as Dermatologists. They have always been quoted as saying that Micro Needling is much better than having facial treatments as facials make your skin look good for a few days whereas a Micro Needling treatment stays for much longer. They also say that it is a very safe procedure and enables your body to produce collagen more rapidly so that the skin keeps on healing on its own. For best results, one needs to fix three to four sessions with your doctor or the professional.

How bad it hurts?

The word Needle itself hurts you a little as you think of the process of it puncturing your soft skin. But to your relief doctors apply a numbing gel to the skin before the treatment especially if you are undergoing Micro Needling of the long needles. The tiny needles hurt less, in that case, a Micro Needling hurts just as much as your lip waxing or bikini waxing hurts.

After Effects, or what should be done after the beauty procedure?

After an intensive procedure, our skin should be left like that and no further chemical products or makeup should be applied for a few days instead doctors give or prescribe a few growth serums to be applied every night and in the morning as well if you have to apply any makeup on your skin.

Search for a Professional Micro Needling

Yes, just the way you invest your time to read articles on Professional Micro Needling, just the same way do make sure you search for a Professional who is a licensed practitioner and ask him everything you need to know about the procedure and get your doubts cleared. Ask them if they use any numbing gel and whether or not they provide the after-use products.

Are you tired of facial treatments? If yes then, professional micro needling can be a great option for you to get beautiful skin for a longer time. Get more ideas from Pinterest.

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