Cruelty free Cosmetics: Truths And Facts!

Dec 18, 2017 by Kail Valagoth

We all carry hordes of make-up products which are our investments and so dear to us that we could consider dying before losing them! While we lay eyes on each detail of the product we buy often we come across the label “cruelty free” and give a big smile thinking we are using something really environment and animal friendly! But is it really the case?

Cruelty Free Cosmetics Companies

As much as we would love to use organic, herbal, or cruelty free make-up, these are the words that have no definite meaning by law yet! And therefore, it is important to understand what the label ‘Cruelty free’ on your favorite foundation or lipstick says!

What does “cruelty free” mean?

The phrase “cruelty free” actually means that the product is free of any cruelty on animals, people etc. while being manufactured or developed. But when you delve deeper into the process undertaken by the companies today you shall find a lot of brands using the tag but regardless of its meaning. No matter the ingredients they use, the process they work with to develop the cosmetics, the label is put on because there is no law citing the conditions in which the term stands violated. There aren’t any criteria to match with the “cruelty free” label and hence is typically put on the surface of your cosmetics to lure customers.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

The truth behind the developing of cosmetics

This might come as a shock to many vegetarians, pet lovers and animal lovers that the products that they use have been causing harm to the little creatures.

Many, not all, brands test their ingredients and also the final products on animals to check on the possible irritations, reactions, suitability etc. of the products on humans. Animals like cats, rabbits, mouse and even dogs are chosen for these experiments. It is not just the regular shampooing their skin or applying makeup on their skin to check the reaction, but actually the dripping of chemicals on to their eyes to check the reactions and feeding large amounts of certain products to find out the dosage requirements to be harmful for anyone. Definitely making our investment in makeup useless!

Cruelty Free Cosmetics Brands

Is animal testing important?

Some countries have made it mandatory to check the cosmetics and makeup products on animals before making it available for people in their countries while others don’t find it necessary at all. There are countries which have banished animal testing like the FDA does not require animal testing of cosmetics in US and Europe. But if you find “cruelty free” labeled cosmetics in China you are definitely being cheated as the country’s law requires animal testing before sale!

There are movements channelized to make cosmetics cruelty and animal testing free to save the harshness on the animals for products that can be developed without the use of harmful chemicals. The revolution is moving fast and soon would be mandated at more places.

A List Of Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Ensuring that your makeup is cruelty free?

The best way to know about the genialness of your makeup being cruelty free is to browse through the PETA website or even the Leaping Bunny to check on the brands which have registered with them. As PETA has defined rules for certifying companies for being cruelty free, they do a background check on not just the parent company assembling the ingredients but also the suppliers who sell off those chemicals. Therefore, if a brand is certified as being cruelty free by PETA – chances are they are developed entirely without testing on animals!

Brands which are cruelty free

While the use of chemicals in pertinent to making the makeup have an impact, cause colour and stay for long, the use of right chemicals is what it requires to make the products safer to use even when they have not been animal tested. Kinder alternatives had been raised by professionals like Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow and more to make revolutionary products without animal testing. Some brands to look out for are:

* Urban Decay

* Just Herbs

* Anastasia by Beverly Hills

* Juice Beauty

All of the above brands provide for highly-pigmented long stay products which are beautiful to use and are really cruelty free!

While it can be hard to ignore the facts, it does feel good to use a product which has not harmed any living being for making you look glamorous!